[A] <Lzuruha> 7/16HM Recruiting for 25man Grp

bump looking for more
bump! Steelseries Flux Contest next week!!!
Giving away some http://steelseries.com/us/products/audio/steelseries-flux this month!
6/6 msv
2/6 hof

still recruiting all range dps!
Bumpers! Steelseries Flux giveaway on the 21st over at http://www.twitch.tv/thoranar
Bumpers! Sliverfoul is the new GM! Grats!!!
Still looking for more members for a group 2 =) and merry christmas!
Planning on going full force 25 man after the new year. Currently we got 18 raiders need 7 more to start 25 man. 2 healers(Pref Monk and shaman) but will take any, and 5 dps 1 with a tank off.
Still Looking for 2 healers and 2 dps
9/16 LF 3 DPS for group 1 10 who are geared for HOF, and know what there doing with class and bosses. While we are recruiting to go/do 25 we are still 10 at this time
Giving Steelseries swag to raiders :)
Bump Bump! Need more raiders for 25 mans!
be pro! get rewarded with steelseries gear and more!
immediate spot for Holy Priest and Shadow Priest
Bump Diablo 3 Promotion with Steelseries soon :)
a recruit a friend system added in our guild! get tcg pets and wow store pets! :) still recruiting for 25!!!

High - Death Knight - DPS
High - Druid - Balance / Feral DPS
High - Hunter - DPS
Medium - Mage - DPS
High - Monk - Mistweaver / Brewmaster / Windwalker
Medium - Paladin - Holy / Retribution
High - Priest - Shadow
Low - Rogue - DPS
High - Warlock - DPS
High - Warrior - DPS
D3 headsets or mice+mousepad giveaway soon?!

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