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Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established 8/8HM 10man guild in Dreadmaul. My Group2 needs a Resto Shaman. They raid from 8.30pm to 12am Server Time on every Wed, Thu and Mon. If you find the above suit your situation, you can contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com
Hi there :)

I know you do not wish to faction change but i'm going to post just in case you change your mind!

Ajantis ( 8/8 25 man ) Is looking for a reliable, mature player that can meet our raid times for MOP, We currently do not have a resto Shaman and are in dire need!

If you feel you have what it takes or change your mind and come to the dark side this website will have all the information you will need.


Steven_mills1@hotmail.com Is my Real I.D if you would to have a quick talk.
If you could add me to real I.D I would just love to talk to you!
Still here, still looking :( Haven't really found a guild that suits me yet :(
Hi Fleuro,

Serenity is an alliance progression raiding guild on Proudmoore that is looking to transition to 25m raids in MoP. We are currently looking for DPS to join our team and have an open position for a Ele/Enhance Shaman.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. I noticed in your post you mentioned being unable to raid before 8pm AEST. We raid from 7/7:30pm AEST, would this pose much of a problem for you?

If you're interested, feel free to check out http://serenityproudmoore.guildzilla.com for more information. Alternatively, you can whisper Helv or myself in game. Cheers
Hows it going mate.

Same as previous poster - confident your not interested in Horde but maybe i can persuade you to join the winning team !

< Catalyst > is a semi-hardcore 8/8H DS10 Aus/Nz raiding guild on Horde - Frostmourne and we are currently looking for a Leather / Mail Healer for our new MoP team.

Our raid times are:
Wed/Thur/Sun: 8:00pm st - 11:00pm st.

Our goals include hardmode progression and farming in Tier14, including mount and meta collection - with our end goal being the new cutting edge feat of strength achievements. Our group aims to be serious whilst laidback, successful and fun - which to me is what the game is all about.

Feel free to contact me on RealID / Battle Tag if interested:


Alternatively feel free to have a look at our forums and lodge a formal application.

Hi mate,

Centurion Knights on Frostmourne Alliance is recruiting DPS and Healers for MOP. We have high priority on Elemental and Enhance Shaman, and lower priority on Resto Shaman. Our guild is led and run by mature members and officers, and the guild was formed in 2007. We pride ourselves on reliability and stability, letting our players enjoy the game in a fun laid back environment. We raid Wed/Thur/Sun 8:30 - 11:30 +10GMT AEST.

Our raids are run following our Golden Rule of “making sure a raider’s time is never wasted”, which ensures a professional culture exists while raiding. Please add my BattleTag Argantis#1524 if you wish to speak further, apply at our website - http://centurionknights.guildomatic.com/ or reply here if you need any further information.

Howdy! Still looking for a guild?

We have room for a dps for our Thurs Sun Mon Crew

Link to our thingy


good luck with your search! :)
Hello, we are currently looking for a dps and healing shamie to join our ranks.
We raid at 7:30pm server Aus time.
if you are interested hit me up! ;O
we can chat on vent or in game its up to you, you can add me via ID also.
catch ya around

We are a horde guild by the way, so if you are interested in the guild please bare that in mind.
eagerly waiting your reply.

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