We are the guild for you!

Are you laid off, living in your moms basement, No job/girlfriend/life or bills to distract you from your WoW time (we all know you go out Tuesday mornings for your weekly sun treatment.). The Peeps at Edge of Eternity would love to have you be part of our raiding team and guild.

Yes, we did pay Blizzard for guild level 25 (PST in game for pricing). We do like to have fun, we enjoy (for some reason) being a very vent social guild. Our only rule is that you are over 18 and are drama free.

We also have girls in our guild!!!!! For a low price of 25 gold per hour, you can log into vent and hear them do stuff like talk dirty, fish and swear in PVP (50 gold per hour for the ability to talk to one of them.). We also have Order who will tell you to Go (F) yourself if that’s your trip.

If this sounds like this is your type of guild, give me a tell in game or one of our officers. We will run a credit check and talk to your mom (If she's hot, you get to be an Officer (please send pictures).

P.S. The pictures are a must.

But Seriously

Guild Name: Edge of Eternity
Website: http://raiding.nstars.org/
Primary Focus: "casual" raiding progression:
Raid Times starts 7-utc pm server usually about 10pmst
Role Playing: ZIP
Officers: Hecklar, Bronhann pretty much enyone in EOE can point you in the right direction
Recruiting: Always

Any specifics: We are in need of more raid healer mains (meaning those who actually enjoy it), we do not force people to do the same role each week however if you wish to raid consistently its better that you do. Involving KNOW YOUR CLASS! topcis, we do not enforce that as well, as people are always learning however be proficient in your class, and you should be willing to learn, that's most important.

ADD-ONS: Recommended: ~Deadly Boss Mods for Cataclysm, be sure to be updated, doesn't hurt to have older WotLK DBM as well. ~Omen for threat meters. ~Recount for damage calculations. ~Class specific addons are needed, but at your own discretion

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