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Eternal Redemptiion is a newly transferred guild from Alliance Lightning's Blade. We transferred because our old server was dieing and we were looking for a fresh new start for the MoP expansion. Most of our core members have been playing on Lightning's Blade for 5 plus years, yet we are all excited to be welcomed into the Arthas Horde community. As far as raiding goes we have run 3 successful 10 man raid groups at a time in the past, on a low population server. We are looking to expand and continue running multiple successful cores in the new MoP expansion. Our main priority is going to be raiding new content, but we are welcoming PvP and casual players to join us in a friendly welcoming environment.

Core3(Killa core) Recruiting--- For MoP core spots Tuesday/Wednesday 7/11-pm Server
1tank--Monk/Blood DK/Paladin/G Druid
3healers--Resto-Druid/Sham/Monk/Paladin/Disc priest
4Dps--Shadow priest/Hunter/Frost DK/Boomkin/Lock/mage

For more information here is a list of contacts on Horde Arthas,
Diisaster- Guild master
Athenajane- Officer
Spinfist- Officer
Fivewinds- Officer
Redantha- Officer
Judgèmënt- Officer
Kluckkluck- Officer
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Welcome to the server. Given our drastic lack of Horde, you guys will be a valued addition.
Haha thanks, Got tired of being the under dogg on our old server being Alliance like 5-1 horde to alliance on a dead server had to change it up.
Yea its pretty bad that you cant fill 1-2 dps spots for a DS, glad to beable to ask in trade and find people rather quickly now, Yay Horde Arthas :P
Bump, we could use more people on Arthas. Bring it back to the glory days!
Updated, Information for our weekend core coming soon!!
Welcome I used to play with aftermath on lb, free bump best of luck in mop
Bumping, Weekend core times will be 8pm--11pm days are not set in stone going to be 2 days will update soon

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