New Players: Please Read - Guild Mentor Info

As posted in the sticky above, Blizzard has recently instituted a new program for Guilds on multiple servers. They have chosen one guild on both the Horde and Alliance to Mentor people specifically like yourself.

As someone new to the game, you may and probably have a multitude of questions. Guilds in World of Warcraft are what make this game a great MMO. They also, (sometimes unknowingly), can make the difference as to whether a player continues to play the game, or stops playing the game altogether.

As you continue to play this game, you'll learn more and more about how to play, and how the 'world' works. We are here to make sure that no question that you have or no instruction you may need, prohibits you from enjoying this game to it's fullest.

There may even be times when you feel downtrodden, nervous, pessimistic even when asking questions about the game. You may consider not asking for help because of some responses that you may or may not have received. But the Blizzard Mentor Horde/Alliance guilds are specifically here so that those questions/requests can be answered, without issue, or cause for concern.

There are many guilds on this server that will be able to do this same thing. The key to finding a guild that accepts your newness, and innocence (regarding the game), is to inform them of such a thing when you apply to their guild.

Whether you are Horde or Alliance, look up your factions Mentor guild, and hopefully get the help you may need to enjoy a great game.

Sidenote - (Go Horde, we have cake!) "FOR THE HORDE!!"
Wow. I had a running bet that they wouldn't be able to find a guild on the horde side to do this.
Pwny Express was a good choice.

I sure Righ and the folks there will do a great job!
We will definitely do our best. If you guys run into anyone looking for a guild like ours please let us know and we'll get ahold of them
So if I understand this correctly, the chosen guilds have their names changed?
09/05/2012 10:13 PMPosted by Gearscore
So if I understand this correctly, the chosen guilds have their names changed?

Correct, Blizzard Changed our Guild name to Blizzard Mentor Horde.

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