3v3 War Game Tournament 9/15/12

signore signore
did that hunter on that phdk rage quit over wow gold
No he didn't
09/14/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Brokenstorm
You aren't good, you can't even land an interrupt. You're a topic of comedy.

let the drama begin
Here is the final Bracket
Ill be doing this again and it should go much smoother.
Hopefully we will get more teams as well.
Hey guys!

Great tournament, thank you for setting it up!

Overall, i thought all the teams that played were really good. I had no idea that i was going to be streaming it until 20 minutes before, so sorry about my mistakes throughout it. Would have been nice to get a better perspective of whats going on from both teams, but never the less awesome fun!

(sorry i didn't play at my best.,.... hadn't really played my hpal at all since the patch hit)

Congratz to the winners! tune into the stream, as ill be gearing up to be MUCH more acquainted for next tournaments!
i was hoping for some drama, ARTHAS SUCKS
Thanks for setting up the tournament!
I want to thank everyone who participated, you made it so much fun! Server stuff is always the best it makes the competition fierce! Hope this goes on more and in the future Flip the Switch Gaming and WHOLESOME GUYS will be co-hosting tourneys to bring you bigger cash prizes and better game-play!

Everyone should get down on their knees for Empty for dealing with all of your drama! Good job tonight you handled it well and things ran pretty smoothly. Rough start but smooth after that anyway. heh

Look forward to the next one!

Big shout out to Brokenstorm for helping us to win. Best warrior WORLD, lolz
Sick CS on me on my .832 second cast. may have been for a blanket, but beautiful!
09/15/2012 06:24 PMPosted by Docx
Sick CS on me on my .832 second cast. may have been for a blanket, but beautiful!

I watch for that cause Pallys for some reason try and be sneaky and cast it when I'm lookin at dem...
brokenstorm does lotsa dmg

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