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I just have a quick question that I would like answered.

Does + Strength gems increase PvP damage or would I have to get PvP Power to do more damage in PvP?

Thanks in advance!
Strength increases your damage in all areas of the game. PVP Power however only increases your damage against other players. PVP Power is meant to be an additional stat alongside your primary stat to counter pvp resilience.
Thanks, but, I saw someone who had mostly PvP Power, why wouldn't he/she just stack Strength?
Well it's hard for me to say right now which is better overall in pvp since it's so new. Strength obviously is important and can be used to make your PVP gear more viable in PVE content but pvp power might be stronger in pvp, depending on the numbers.

We're still in the period of theorizing in this stuff, and I myself am not hardcore endgame pvper. If you want the full details I suggest waiting for another regular who's active in pvp to answer or consider posting on the PVP forums.
09/05/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Âzzarth
Thanks, but, I saw someone who had mostly PvP Power, why wouldn't he/she just stack Strength?

For PVP combat only, the added damage gained by stacking strength will be mitigated significantly by PVP Resilience. However, PVP Power will make less of your damage be mitigated by PVP Resilience. Basically the more PVP Power you have, the more damage you will do to other players in PVP combat that isn't mitigated by Resil.

Edit: In a nutshell, PVP Power helps your damage cut through the enemies Resilience.

-PVP Resilience is a Defensive stat. (it reduces all incoming damage from other players.)
-PVP Power is an Offensive stat. (it reduces the amount of your damage that get's mitigated by the enemy targets Resilience.)

or in other words, PVP Resilience is for Surviving in PVP. PVP Power is for Melting Faces in PVP. Ultimately you want a nice balance of both, but the "Magic numbers" (caps) you want to aim for are still up for debate.
Thanks for your responses guys!
By the way, since I mainly PvP in Blood spec, should I get PvP Resil, Strength or PvP Power gems for 1 v 1's?

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