[A-25] Celestial Rebirth (8/8 HM) Recruiting

Emerald Dream
Celestial Rebirth is looking to recruit exceptional DPS and healers with a DPS OS for our 25m core group.

Guild Info
10m Groups: 8/8 Normal
10m HM Groups: 8/8
25m Group: 8/8 Normal
25m HM Group: 5/8
Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM, CST

Guild Needs
Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Warlock (with the Priest/Shaman hopefully having a healing OS), Mage, Balance Druid, Hunter

All other classes interested in joining are welcome to inquire and will definately be considered.

Celestial Rebirth is a "casual" raiding guild, but that does not mean we don't take our progression seriously. Every raider is expected to show up to raids 15 minutes early with all raid consumables ready to go. You are expected to have an understanding of every fight before hand.

Due to our casual nature, we understand that real life issues will ALWAYS come before WoW. Should something arise that forces you to miss a raid, we completely understand. All we ask is that you contact an officer as soon as possible to inform us of your absence for the evening.

Loot is handled via the means of a Loot Council. Factors going in to our decisions include attendance, attitude, awareness, skill, and other various raid qualities.

Raids, while taken seriously, are just a part of this game. We all want to play together and simply have a good time in the process. A fun loving, silly, and goofy attitude will take you a long ways in this guild. We just want to have fun, nothing more!

If interested in joining, please contact either Layke, Franciszek, Guido, Totemspammer, Kataani, or Redundance.

Thank you for your time!
Bump! 8/8 Heroic now! Congrats guys!
Hey Layke you might want to edit my name out of the Contact List so it won't confuse people! :)
In need of a healer and some ranged DPS!
How are you guys sitting for Resto Shamans? I plan on Ele being my off spec for MOP.
We currently only have 1 Resto Shaman, and only one other Shaman who is Enhance. A GOOD Resto Shaman with a Ele OS would be amazing to have, and I believe you could be a main healer in one of our core groups.
Still in need of a healer and a ranged DPS!
Bumping on the last day of Cata!
Are you still looking for a Elemental Shaman? Planing to run Resto as OS with this expansion. I have played all 3 specs on the shaman over the past few years.

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