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Players often find unique tricks to improve performance, stability, or security, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable game experience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to effectively communicate such tips to the WoW community. The purpose of this thread is to provide a home for such information that may otherwise be lost in the void. This compilation is the successor to the previous User Tips and Tricks thread:

The guidelines are largely unchanged to help ensure relevance and to keep the topic clutter-free.

  • Post your tips/suggestions/news here and I'll try to manage a little index and links to it.
  • Don't post questions in here or "it doesn't work". <-- IMPORTANT. THIS IS NOT A TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD.
  • Try not to post error logs and such in here. If you absolutely need to for whatever reason, wrap it up in code blocks (the 'pre' button).
  • Don't ask for troubleshooting in this thread. Make a new one if you have problems.
  • If you added something and I didn't notice it or have a dispute, send an email to kodiacktech gmail com.
  • You may post to reserve a space if you wish.

  • This is an alphabetical list of possibly problematic DLLs that may show up in crash logs. Each DLL has a brief description of what the error most likely points to. If you find one that isn't yet listed, please point it out so that it may be added!

  • AirfoilInject3.dll - Airfoil
  • BfLLR.dll - Bigfoot Manager
  • btmmhook.dll - Bluetooth Software by Broadcom
  • cwalsp.dll - Net Nanny; often blocks installs/updates
  • d3d9.dll - DirectX 9-related DLL. Points to graphics. Ensure video driver is up-to-date and supported.
  • FRAPS32.dll - FRAPS
  • HydraDMH.dll - AMD HydraVision
  • lp.dll - LowerPing
  • msacm32.drv - General issue. Usually points to video/sound drivers. Try updating/reinstalling.
  • nvd3dum.dll - Nvidia drivers. Ensure video drivers are up-to-date. May require motherboard chipset update for temporary resolution.
  • nvappfilter.dll - Nvidia's firewall; Nvidia Network Access Manager
  • NvLsp.dll - Nvidia Network Access Manager
  • nvSCPAPI.dll / nvStereoApiI.dll - Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D drivers
  • oehook.dll - Nektra OEAPI (Outlook Express API)
  • titlebar.dll - MultiScreen
  • Galvin posted an extremely useful windowed/fullscreen toggle macro a while back here:

    /script SetCVar("gxWindow",1-GetCVar("gxWindow")) RestartGx()
    This macro is particularly useful when you normally play in fullscreen, but want to switch over to windowed mode so that WoW stays in focus. This is ideal for avoiding the alt-tab disconnect bug, scanning the auction house with an addon while you can do something else when waiting, or simply creating a fast and efficient toggle for people that normally want the performance benefits of fullscreen mode but like the responsive alt-tabbing that a window provides.

    I've also ever-so-slightly modified the macro for people that want the game to run in a maximized window, but credit still goes to Galvin for posting the original sleek macro.

    /script SetCVar("gxWindow",1-GetCVar("gxWindow"))
    /script SetCVar("gxMaximize",1) RestartGx()
    if anyone is having hard lock ups well i think i mite have found the solution i remember when i started playing wow in 2005 maybe 2006 the fps was around 60 to 70 well now since 5.0 patch i have noticed that mine was at 150 to 180+ well my monitor only supports 60 so i lowered my fps in the in game settings to where im staying at 60 to 80 and so far 2 weeks no hard lock ups its worked for me cross my fingers so if it works for you glad i could help
    nvm it fixed it self
    A semi recent change that may be useful to NVidia based users. Nvidia now has a new tool called 'Experience'. A short bio on it :

    "The easiest way to optimize your games and keep your drivers up to date."

    The nice thing there for many. May be the fact that it examines the card you have, the game being run. And determines the settings it can use. So many place their settings at Ferrari level, when they own a Pinto. And then wonder why performance suffers in that regard. Now with 'Experience' it takes that guess work out of the picture. Install it, optimize your game with it, play.

    Another performance tool one can use. Is the 'Razer Game Booster'. It turns off things not needed while you play your game. It can also optimize your settings. Defrag your game folders. And more.

    I should also mention there is no cost to either tool. Both are free to use.
    Here's my guide to fixing low FPS FOR NVIDIA GPU ONLY.
    **The issue that this post regards has been resolved with patch 5.4.1. I will keep the post here for archival purposes.**

    Some players have reported that running this command helps alleviate inexplicable Lua errors and performance issues:

    /run SetCVar("raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals",1)

    Copy/paste that into your chatbox, hit enter, and then relog or reload your UI (/reload). You can ensure that this was set properly by running this command:

    /dump GetCVar("raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals")

    Running this command should return a value of "1" in your chatbox. If it returns another value or a nil value, it wasn't set properly.

    I've had a few friends and guildmates run this command with mixed results, but the players that unexpectedly experienced a major performance loss (particularly in larger raids) tended to see the most significant improvement.

    I'm unsure entirely what the root of the issue is, but it has been confirmed as a bug and should be resolved hopefully soon enough.

    09/20/2013 01:17 PMPosted by Dankorii
    I can confirm that this issue has been submitted as a bug. As far as to when it will be resolved goes, we haven't been given an ETA. Now, the reason that setting that CVar to "1" resolves the issue is because the bug is only exposed when the CVar is set to "0". I know it's not much information, but that's is pretty much all I have.
    Updated to Windows 8.1 and noticed that your camera movement has suddenly become erratic and unpredictable? You may need to install an update!

    Microsoft has just issued an update:

    Mouse pointer stutters or freezes when you play certain games in Windows 8.1

    Please let us know if this helps with WoW, and the issues in this thread.
    I noticed a lot of players struggling with windows eight and wow. If you have this installed, make sure you right click the game logo bringing up the white box with all the options in it. Click on run as administrator. Once you have done that it should run ok. If not reopen the box in the same manner. Click on properties, then click on the compatibility tab. Check the box that says run this program in compatibility mode for, and then scroll down to the one stays says windows xp (service pack 3). Close the window and try again.
    For addons: Download the addons into a safe file you can locate easily. Unzip them and move the files into your world of warcraft file usually located under the c drive under the title folder of program files (x86). Scroll down to World of warcraft, open that folder. Find the interface folder and open that. You should see a folder titled addons. Here is where you will put the unzipped folders you have just created. One thing about windows eight is odd though. You do have to make sure your addons are outside of the original folder they are grouped into when you unzip it, so take them out of the folder and move them up one folder by drag and drop into the direct addons folder if your unzip program does not do that automatically.
    Another good trick too if it is still fussy right click on the folder for world of warcraft following the above directions to locate it. Click on properties, then click on the security tab. Click on all application packages. Click on edit. Click on all application packages again, and then click allow on all the check-able boxes. Warning, make sure you trust the addons you load after that, as they will have full permission to read and write from your computer after you do that step. If you follow that directly it should work though. Best of blessings and if you find anything else, please feel free to add it on here.
    One more thing if you are thinking about upgrading to eight, make sure you know what you are buying into. It can be a bit fussy and hard to use, so you will need to know how to get to your desktop for the above steps. To get to desktop mode, scroll to your lower left hand corner of the screen for your main menu. I do mean the very left hand most corner and it will pop up a little window. Click on that and it should say start and show a lot of small windows with names on them. Click on the one that says desktop. If you have another window open driving you nuts with the inanity of not finding a close button, go to the upper left corner of your screen and you can close them there. And I do mean the uppermost left you can go on your screen with your mouse. Welcome to the insane world of windows eight. Please try not to kill the writer as I am doing the best I can on a nonsensically written windows system that I am still working the bugs out of myself.... Best of blessings and happy playing.
    Google and download Razer Game Booster. I've had relatively high success with it.

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