WTB Heroic Rag Mount

Hey guys, I would like to buy the mount off heroic Rag. With there being only 3 weeks left my guild is having trouble getting members online or I can't make it online during the week to do this and I would like to. So Either on a Friday or Saturday night I would like to run this, I have killed it 6 times and I am 406 ilevel so I would not be a carry just help me get it but I am offering a guild gold if this can get done. Thanks


feel free to add my real id baseballpunk3@gmail.com
Drop me a message sometime, have a group set up for next week maybe we can work something out.

I'll also add your email,

also if by chance I get it wrong dcsharpie@yahoo.com is my email.
u totally missed the normal mode give away man

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