<BedIam> Is recruiting!

Hey guys, Scottstapp here...lead singer of Creed and all around nice guy! I'm just stopping in to let the wonderful horde players of Blackrock know that <BedIam> is recruiting ALL classes!

We are a fairly casual guild with a two day a week raiding schedule to start off in MoP (more to be added if need be). While we only raid two days a week, we like to take those days seriously, and we strive to progress with what we've got! We are looking for some more raiders to fill out our 25man roster, so if you find yourself without a home let Scottstapp know!

Like I said, we are looking for all classes, but probably leaning more towards healers at this point in time. If you are interested or have more questions, message me in game or go ahead and send me an in-game mail and I will get back to you ASAP!

Good day everyone!

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