[H] Full Throttle 8/8H recruiting for MoP

Hi all,

Full Throttle is a semi serious 10 man progression guild recently moved to Barth and we are keen to prepare for MoP so we can hit the content hard.

We raid Wed, Thurs and Sun 8.30-11.30pm ST.

We are currently 8/8H farming DS (killed at the end of may) and looking to improve on our progression into MoP to further these goals we are seeking the following.

1 skilled Hunter

we formed at the beginning of Cata as a fairly casual group of freinds raiding together on Nagrand and we have grown from 4/12H T11 6/7H T12 to 8/8H in DS and are keen to keep improving. As a guild we are a mature group of players who make the best of our limited (9hr a week) raid schedule.

We are looking for mature and skilled players only who will research how to maximise thier class and ALWAYS be fully gemmed and chanted at all times. We run a limited roster and as a result need a high level of attendance and commitment from our raiding core.

We offer an organised raid schedule with food, flasks and repairs provided by the guild for all raiding. We wont tolerate Drama over anything especially loot, looting is handled by EPGP and only adjusted to suit the needs of faster progression.

if you think we sound like a good match for you please contact Tinyheiny in game or visit http://full-throttle.wowstead.com/ to apply.
wtb a hunter!
When are ur raid times? i may transfer over

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