[H] Divide 25M - 13/13HM - Recruiting!

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i do!
t15 cmon
bananaswagyolo420x *still recruiting*
swagntag all day - Still recruiting dudes
Looking for some more people
What are your current recruiting needs
Just looking for extremely qualified (and decently geared) raiders atm - a few classes more interesting than others, check wow progress recruitment needs.
Hello all. First of all, I've been playing since BC and I just transferred to the server about 3 weeks ago to help a friend out. our recruitment has not been to good, so i am looking for a guild to raid with. I am a 509 ilvl elem/ 508 ilvl resto shamie; very good on both specs. I prefer dpsing but I can heal very well when needed. I do not want to faction change or server change. I am looking for a guild that does hard modes and needs a good shamie, 10/12 minimum. I'm in the military and I have 2 kids so will have duty every 4rth day, meaning I may not be available every 4rth day. I have ranked in current content both healing and dpsing. For any further information please whisper me in game or realid me at Pess#1965.
Bump, cause, Hypnotized!
council down

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