[H] Divide 25M - 13/13HM - Recruiting!

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Grats for the 3/6h

Btw, is Titanium a 10 men with old Divide players or it has nothing to do with you guys?
Yes they are former Divide members, they simply decided they'd like to do 10 man raiding instead. However, as you can see Divide is still strong as ever.
I'm not sure what Titanium is...now TITANIUM those are my boys. :P

Thanks for the gratz, we'll be looking to get one more before HoF and Terrance so stay tuned and check out my pimp hat.
who? TM?

Anyways, still looking for one or two exceptional raiders (especially one amazing healer)! Come check us out.
Why so much hate Llamda?
we have punch and cookies
lawl silly
The chemical symbol for Titanium is Ti not TM.
The amount of irony behind how things have turned out is amazing.

Bump for old time's sake. :)
10/28/2012 12:36 AMPosted by Judgemonk
The chemical symbol for Titanium is Ti not TM.

I lol'ed
Up ^
Still looking for exceptional players to improve our roster.

I believe we are still looking for:

1x Exceptional healer of any class.
Many exceptional DPS of any class.
maint day...3/6HM MoV, 6/6 HoF
Lalla misses raiding, let me tell you...

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