looking for guild for MoP

DK who comes with a bunch of friends who are very experienced with raiding and are quick learners are looking for a guild to finish off Cata and start off MoP. Please be level 20+ and guild repairs for the guild would be optimal.
A list of your friends' classes and specs would likely be helpful :)
We're currently recruiting for MoP and can house however many friends you may have. We're currently doing 2 10man groups for the remainder of Cata, but will resume our 25man in MoP.
Guild repairs available to recruits who have completed their trial.

More info at www.predominant.us or whisper an officer in game.
As of right now Im leveling up my Dk first as a tank with a frost dw offspec
The others are:
Paladin: prot or holy
Druid: feral dps or feral tank
Mage: not sure what spec but mostly fire
we have a bunch of alts that we plan on leveling and there is chance we might come with more friends.

The Deity began in late BC (July 2008) as an answer to the founders frustration with farming Kara for more than a year with their previous guild. We quickly added to our roster by valiantly continuing to plow through content (all the way to Hyjal before the launch of Wrath) most other guilds had given up on. Our desire was to see the content we'd been denied before it was too late. Wrath was on the horizon and many guilds had taken breaks from raiding or just no longer had any desire to beat their heads against content that they were unable to progress through with their current guild line up. This gave The Deity a distinct advantage for guild recruitment, picking up quality players that were frustrated with guilds that could not progress or simply loved to raid regardless of the coming expansion.

With the launch of Wrath, The Deity really came into its own. All guilds were on equal footing finally and the hardcore raiders of the guild leveled and decked their toons within the first two or three weeks. We were in Naxx within the month and cleared all Wrath content pre-3.1 quickly. Our ability to competently and cleanly clear raids brought us many new members. The best way to recruit is to show people quality raiding and that was our aim as we pugged those last few spots in our 25s early in Wrath.

With the launch of Cata, the guild plowed through BOT and Throne with a 10 man team. We ultimately merged with another guild with disastrous consequences. Most guild members took a break or quit the game. We are back now and looking to rebuild on Stormrage. Join us in bringing <The Deity> back to its former glory.

The Deity offers a casual raid schedule with no required raids - though it is strongly encouraged that you sign up for all progression raids and farming runs. All sign ups are posted on our website where members may sign up for what they are available for. The final raid list is based on the needs of the particular raid and people are added to the final raid list in the order they sign up (provided they are geared for it).

Though our schedule is casual, our raiding is not. We expect our members to come to raid fully prepared to perform at the maximum efficiency their gear allows. Coming to raid with proper consumables (food, flasks, elixirs, buff pots) is REQUIRED. Your gear must be enchanted and gemmed in the best manner for your class. We expect people to arrive on time (on time means early) and stay for the entire raid without any (or very little) RL interference. A reliable internet connection, use of Ventrilo, and proper addons (Omen, DBM, etc) are REQUIRED.

Our loot distribution is via loot council which we've found to be the most fair and best suited to gear the guild as a whole. Many of our members are available to help gear new players but this is far from a leveling guild. Though the majority of our members maintain the position that learning your class should be done solo, many of our members are quite knowledgeable about many classes and willing to offer advice and strategies for best performance.

What we look for in our members are mature raiders capable of researching both their class and the current raid content. We expect you to be knowledgeable about your class mechanics, gear, and role within a raid. Though no previous raid experience is required, it is in your best interest to have a good understanding of what is expected of you in the raid setting by researching the many WOW resources available.

A set raid schedule will be decided on for MOP launch. It has not be finalized yet but will most likely be Friday and Saturday evenings.

We're currently seeking players to fill the following roles:

Balance Druid
Feral Druid (tank and/or dps)
DPS warrior
Select tanks, dps, and healers
(Other classes welcome to apply!)
"package" deals never work out
waddup dude, so are you guys looking for 25 man content? or 10 man content? reign of valor is a lvl 25 guild and we are building up a core 25 man raiding group for mop content, we raid wed/thur nights at 7:30 server. if your interested either hit me up or Kathandris
True.. having a clique join a guild isn't always good. If one player doesn't attend and is not allowed to raid then the whole clique leaves the guild ROFL. It might work sometimes.. but not that I have seen haha
<In Other News> is recruiting for our 25 man group for MoP. Here is a link to my post and for a lil more info ivraid.com.


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