eMotion - NZ Guild recruiting for MoP 25man

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Guild Name: eMotion
Realm: Jubei’thos (Oceanic PVP)
Time Zone: New Zealand Raid Times (GMT+12)
Faction: Horde
Website: http://emotion.guildlaunch.com/
In Game Contact: Jaaru, Valiance, Zooeyy


1. As a guild we have a strict no drama policy; we definitely encourage social interactions in and out of game. This includes everything WoW related and otherwise, community within the game is very important to us and key to the guild long life span.
2. Stable leadership, the Guild Master has been playing since early vanilla other then one short break from WoW the guild has always been run by the same GM.
3. The guild includes a wide variety of players, from lore nuts to PvP’ers. All are treated with respect but the guild’s main focus is PvE raiding.
4. Each raid cycle our raid team’s goal is to clear all the content and obtain the raiding meta mount for that tier.


1. Attitude - Maturity, Respect, Loyalty and Tolerance are important traits we look, in short attitude > gear. Don’t be a drama queen.
2. Team player - Own up to mistakes and move on, positive and constructive criticism, a mature attitude towards loot.
3. Know your class and spec well enough to perform your role in raids to a satisfactory standard.
4. Able to raid 3 out of 3 days - Yes RL emergency or something can pop up, we understand.
5. High situational awareness - Don't stand in the fire, heal Shooto.
6. Raid preparation - Read up strats, watch videos, bring enough potions to last you for the whole raid (the guild provides flasks and feasts).
7. Gear optimization – Be the best you can be and be proud of what you're wearing, so have the best enchants, gems, etc.


We are currently recruiting all skilled players for MoP raiding.


Dragon Soul: 8/8 5/8H

Firelands: 7/7 6/7H

Cata Progression: 12/12 8/13H
BoT: 4/4, 3/5H
TotFW: 2/2 0/2H
BWD: 6/6, 5/6H


Thur – 6.30pm - 9pm Server
Sun – 6.30pm - 9pm Server
Mon – 6.30pm - 9pm Server
Server time is GMT+10 (AEST).

Those who are interested please apply at our website (http://emotion.guildlaunch.com/)
Specially high need for healers.
Still looking, dps/ healer druids would be nice.

Still space for any class/ spec
Completed the DS Glory meta last night.

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