The Worst - 25 man Horde - recruiting for MoP

The Worst has been a 10 man progression raiding guild all of Cata, and we're opening up to a 25 man raid, as well as transferring to the Horde side of Arthas.

We've been competitive on Arthas since Cata was released and frequently battled for Alliance first kills. Our love for fun is only rivaled by our dedication to raiding. We are extremely active in game and on vent during off hours, and many of us all PvP and run alt raids on off days.

Our raid schedule is (TENTATIVELY) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8-12 PM EST, with invites going out at 7:30. We have a "cleanup" or as I like to call "clear everything we failed to progress on" night Monday 10-12PM, with invites going out at 9:30.

We are currently recruiting any exceptional players, but have a specific need for Death Knight DPS, Rogue, Monk (DPS) and Holy/Disc Priests.

If you're interested in raiding with us super cool extra lovely individuals, feel free to apply at or contact us directly at:

What we are looking for:
Dedication - We aren't looking for raiders who hop from guild to guild looking for the next boss kill. We want people who are in for the long haul. Many of us have played together since Vanilla was released.
Reliability - If you're someone who would rather go to the bar/movies/Chuck-E-Cheese's at scheduled raid times, you'll want to look somewhere else
Situational Awareness - No tunnel visioners allowed.
Teamwork - Above all we want people who meld with the guild as a whole. Raiding is a team effort and to be truly successful, there can't be infighting or E-fist fights.

What we offer:
Longevity: We've been a guild since Wrath, and we'll continue to be a guild far into the future
Fun atmosphere: We love to enjoy ourselves, and even when we're -Super Serious Raiding Mode- our outlook is always positive.
Transparency - All guild business is open, but still respects individual privacy

To get a little idea of what we're about, let me tell you a story. This is a story of triumph in the face of evil. A story of one man conquering all odds. This is the story of Docalan.

Docalan was born in the harsh Serbian winter of 1982, and when the young boy was a mere 10 years old, his family battled the cold, packs of wolves, and rabid polar bears to travel, by caravan, to America. Once in the beautiful land of the free, Docalan worked up from a petty cotton picker, to a steady job at Petey's Steakhouse. He then saved up enough money to attend the local community college, graduating with his bachelor's degree and moving on to med school. Docalan battled Serbian discrimination all through med school, and rose like a phoenix to the greatness of a Doctor. Thus was born Docalan the Mighty.
Great group of players and a great group of people, raided with many of them since MC. Solid group to raid with.
Bout time to see good players on the alliance again. GL

Ahh, nvm more horde I guess.
offensive statements muxx
09/05/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Dubious
offensive statements muxx

Lol dubious I forgot about you xD. There's still some good players on alliance but all of the ones I know cept you have either quit or don't raid anymore :(

Off Topic, when yah commin to the greener side dubious?
You guys are going Horde? Ugh. =\
Thanks cross-realm zones. I will still be able to kill alliance in the field.
just a better side sir whiteleaf or should i say blightleaf
We should all peer pressure WL to faction change ;3
Still looking for a few more raiders.
09/05/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Moddedlol
09/05/2012 01:16 PMPosted by Muxx
Off Topic, when yah commin to the greener side dubious?

gotta lotta homies on this side dude; but a lvl 90 red team could happen by the end of the year o.0
Hey did y'all know that The Worst is recruiting?!11 Miss y'all already D; <3
sounds awesome, you should hit me up mux#1555
I left my girl back home ~
I don't love her no more~
Bump for good players
Is there like 5 people left playing Alliance on Arthas now?
Nope......only 3 left.
Still looking for amazing (and attractive) melee dps and healers. Smrtnik I miss you!
09/14/2012 01:08 AMPosted by Smrtnik
Is there like 5 people left playing Alliance on Arthas now?

<The Worst> is currently recruiting members of Soviet Russia.

P.S. Won't leave for Rift.

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