Havoc macro help

So im not sure if this is possible, but im trying to create a macro that if i have an enemy targeted, it will target the next/closet enemy, cast spell Havoc, then target my original/previous target

Ive tried everything i can think of
/cast havoc
and quite a few other commands which doesnt work.

If its not possible, even a macro that will cast havoc on nearest target then target my focus will work. Any help would be appreciated

I tried
/cast havoc
/target focus
which doesnt work either. it just casts havoc on my current target
Try adding a /cleartarget before the cast.

I think that's the command... Haven't made a macro that wasn't for a cooldown in a while.

Using /targetenemy will target the closest enemy to you almost every time. That's is probably why it is sticking to your current target.
I tried this
/cast havoc
/clear target
/target focus

On the first press it will target on my focus and cast havoc, but if i press it again it will cast it on the nearest target (other than current) without changing my current one

Cant figure out why it casts on focus first, then afterwards it acts as nomral and casts on nearest target without changing my current target

if i put /clear target before the spell, it gives an error saying no target even if something is targeted
It might be better to have Havoc as an @mouseover instead of a /targetenemy. As Luci said, frequently the closest guy will be the same guy you were already beating on. And having some control over which target you aim for in a hectic BG or other scenario never hurts either.
Agreed. I put it on my mousewheel up with a mouseover.
If you don't currently use mouseover or Focus regularly, you could go slightly less conventional, but more self-verification:

Make sure your Focus Frame is somewhere you will easily see it.

Bind a hotkey that makes your current Mouseover target your new focus.

Now just have a Havoc hotkey that will tag your focus with Havoc.

This lets you have verification that you did a mouseover of the right person, as well as allowing you to set up who to Havoc well in advance of actually doing so.
How does the macro go to Havoc a mouseover target? I saw it here somewhere but lost track of it. This seems like a nice way to do it, especially in a BG where you don't want to mess around with Focus.
/cast [@mouseover] Havoc

Lots of other things you can do with checks about exist, nodead, harm or whatever else. But that is the basic.
/cast [@mouseover] Havoc

Lots of other things you can do with checks about exist, nodead, harm or whatever else. But that is the basic.

Great, thanks. I like basic.

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