Firelord/Rag Mount & Savior/Life-Binder

If you are interested in buying a Heroic Ragnaros mount with Firelord title or Heroic Deathwing W/Mount, please see this link for more information:

We Currently don't have a rogue collecting clusters, if you're interested in buying, let me know in-game. Qtpi#1975

Savior+mount 150k atm
Firelord +mount 125k atm

I do Accept other TCG mounts as payment so xfer may not be needed. 1 rag spot open this week.
What day/time do you do the DS10 runs?
its 25m DS we run it on tuesday 8ct rag we do it when the buyer is available :>
LF buyers for this new week. add me on Qtpi#1975

I am willing to purchase both mounts today i have the following tcg mounts to trade for each mount as you prefer:

-Big battle bear for Hawk or lifebinder.
-Amani Dragonhawk for Hawk or lifebinder.
-Blazing Hyppogryph for Hawk or lifebinder.
-Tabard of the lightbringer for Hawk or lifebinder. [Illidan only for this one]

So needless to say no one has to transfer, today i have all day and some part of the night before starting school, i will take first offer or reply from real id or battle tag my info is:

Battle tag: Sigiloso#1820
Real ID:

Any replies would be appreciated.
Fast Dragon soul run, i paid before run and trusted the cutiepi all fine and smoothly. I was afk most of the run specially for deathwing lol. Thanks.
Still looking for a buyer, Heroic Rag+ mount(Pureblood) for this week.
Purchased a Heroic Ragnaros run from Cutiepi and his comrades whom which I paid upfront ~2 days in advance. Preparation was smooth and organized and the run was established quickly. The run itself had some unintentional and unexpected bumps but overall I was pleased with working with Cutiepi and <Akademia>.

Recommended by myself for a good run and a fair price.


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