[H] Apocalyptica - Recruiting for MoP!

Realm: Thrall / Horde

Website: http://apocalyptica-thrall.enjin.com/

Real ID: trevor.rogg93@gmail.com

Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm-12am ST / EST

Recruiting: Tank (NON PROTECTION PALADIN). EITHER of these 3: Melee (non dk), Boomkin, H paladin or Healing Monk. Basically wether we get a dps or healer, I will change my main spec to fill either the dps or heal role on my priest.

Guild: Apocalyptica is made up by a group of friends that have been playing and gaming together for 5+ years now. Some of us have experience from vanilla an etc. We ended up quitting during Cataclysm, it just wasn't our cup of tea so to speak. However we are now back and looking to form our own guild to push progression come Pandaria. We have a very laid back and chill environment, no raging / hardcore crap, we wanna get !@#$ done, but have fun in the process. On that note, we are also accepting any casuals / pvper's, we're always doing something, running the hell outta dungeons, or nerd it out and pvp for 16+ hrs straight... yea wtb life amirite?
Welcome to Thrall and good luck to you folks :D
If you are forming a new guild and not xfering over you might consider forming a raid group inside censored, see our post further down the boards.
Check us out! Good group of people ;]
Still trying to recruit want we can prior to MoP! Please check us out or pst in-game if you want more info.
Real ID is trevor.rogg93@gmail.com, if you want to contact in-game.
Come on guys! We wanna get started in MOP.

If you notice our progression, it's not as it appears. Equilibrium started a new account I paid for him, most of us has been playing for years. We've been group of friends for years. Don't let that discourage you though! We are a bunch of Bs'ers that love to have fun and talk in skype.

Come on, give us a chance! We don't bite, only nibble. :)
Seeking Raiders! Trying to recruit what we can prior to MoP. Pst me or check website for more info.
Updated, Need a tank, melee dps, and a healer. (still accepting ranged depending on applicant)
Bear or Blood Deek, Rogue, Resto Shaman and Resto Druid is what we currently "need", however accepting all applications regardless of class or spec
Blood DK spot filled. Rogue/Resto druid anybody? :]
Recruiting has been surprisingly well, didn't think it would kick off at all to be honest until the "gearing" phase at 90, when everyone's on the same page gearing out for raiding. Managed to do some off server recruiting, between the people that are xfering over and the ones we already have, things are looking good come Pandaria. As of now we currently "need" a rogue and resto druid, however do note that we are looking and possibly accepting applications REGARDLESS of class / spec. We will be taking the best 10 we can get when it comes time to start pushing progression. So please if your interested AT ALL or have ANY questions, get in touch with me in-game or through our website.

Real ID: trevor.rogg93@gmail.com

Website: http://apocalyptica-thrall.enjin.com/
Quick update, we now need a Tank (Non Blood DK) and a Rogue.
Recruiting ANY melee, I don't care about class / spec just need a melee! LF1 melee pweas.
We are now looking to fill just one more spot to get started in MoP. We need either a Tank (Non Blood DK) OR a Healer (non Priest / Shaman). Either one of these would fill the group out. Remember boring applications are not required, if your AT ALL interested contact me in-game. I personally prefer to chit chat through voice communication or through whispers and question you that way, instead of reading a wall of text called an application and then questioning you and waiting for a response and blah blah blah. Questioning on the spot is win!

My Real ID: trevor.rogg93@gmail.com
Everyones transfered over and almost good to go, we are now accepting a resto druid!
After thinking pretty hard about it, I'm going to re open recruitment for now. I will be looking to grab a Tank (Non Protection Paladin) and a Melee DPS (Non DK, Rogue would be great!). Please get in touch with me in - game if at all interested!

Real ID: Trevor.rogg93@gmail.com
Lil update, Tank spot still open, we need a non Protection Paladin. As for the dps, basically we need either a Melee (non dk), a Boomkin, OR a Holy Paladin. If can get EITHER of those 3, we can switch the raid around to get everything checked out.

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