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<Risen> is a 10m Heroic raiding guild on Turalyon-US. We are looking for members to come enjoy MoP with us. We currently have 2 groups running DS now on farm status. group 1 is 3/8H weekday raiding and group 2 is 8/8H weekend raiding. We are looking for people for both groups as we venture into MoP. ideally we would like to have some balance between our groups however our weekday group will always maintain a casual feel to its raiding approach. Our group 2 weekend group is comprised of a few members of high end guilds already part of this realm and as such it will be a more strict group requirement.

As with any guild we are also always looking for the casual member to come enjoy guild perks and such with us and help bolster our roster to form a friendly fun guild atmosphere. We believe that the success of a guild isnt just solely based on its raid progress, it is supported by the efforts of every guild member right down to the fisherman and miners and herbalists. As such we are always on the lookout for those type of individuals too.

Our raid times are:

Weekday group: Wednesday/Sunday 8pm-1130pm
Weekend groups: Saturday/Sunday 5pm-8pm

Our raid teams are looking for individuals who have a sense of being prepared, we can supply cauldrons, food, and potions. However being prepared means you must have some idea of what your going to be doing in the raid IE looking up boss strats and having a general understanding of your class and spec.

If this interests you please apply at: http://risen-turalyon.wowstead.com or contact an officer in game. A simple "/who risen" will find you someone on our roster and ask them to direct you towards an officer.
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