Prot MoP Expansion Mini Guide


Oh wait, i mean good afternoon paladin forum.

My Name is Celyn and since Xayton is going away im going to explain some of the tanking changes for all of you. Hopefully he will be back one day but for now ill try and cover things for our transition between expansions.


Quite you. Xayton will get back when he does. You have to put up with me for the time being!

First up...

Afraid so. Block was moved to a second roll after avoidance and given a diminishing return. What does this mean?

Well before the game would roll a digital dice from 1-100. Based on the roll you would either dodge/parry/miss/or block the attack. NOW however it does 2 rolls. First roll determines if you dodge/parry/or miss the attack and after that another roll is taken to see if you block it or take a full melee hit.

This makes block capping MUCH more difficult. Furthermore, the diminishing returns on block pretty much makes it that much harder if not impossible to block cap.

Next up...
SHEEEET my parry just doubled!!!!

Another big change is that the diminishing returns on parry have been GREATLY reduced. In fact you will now want to have your parry percentage between 2-3x as high as dodge. Our good friend Waniou has used the math from maintankadin to provide us with this macro:

/run d=GetDodgeChance() p=235.5*d/65.631440-((235.5/65.631440)*5.01-3.76) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Ideal parry for current dodge: "..string.format("%.2f",p))

This macro tells us what ratio of parry: dodge we want to maximize our avoidance and minimize the effect of diminishing returns. So if you have 12% dodge and if this macro says you want 2.5x more parry than dodge you want to aim at increasing your parry % to 30%.

Of course reforging dodge to parry changes this ratio so you might need to constantly readjust or use a program to even out your avoidance (once one becomes available).

Also note that as of LEVEL 85 str gives more parry % than actual parry rating. In fact at level 85 str gem will give 110% of the parry as a parry gem! At level 90 this drops to str giving 93% of its value in parry and MoP gems give 2x as much green stats (hit/exp/mastery/crit/haste/spirit) as primary stats (str/agility/intellect).


That brings us to 2 other new changes. First being that we now have 5holy power (though we can use only 3 at a time max) and Active mitigation (AM)! AM means that a part of our mitigation is now tied to our rotation.

Every time we use Shield of the Righteous (SotR) we get a 3 second buff Shield of the righteous that reduces all physical damage by 30% (which can be further increased through our mastery). In addition to this SotR now provides a stacking buff (increased thru our mastery) that increase the strength of our now CD free WoG.

So how do we use this awesome new form of mitigation? Well with us now having 5 holy power what we want to do is get to 5 holy power and then cast SotR then start building up our holy power back to 5 and recast SotR again.

But if we can only use a maximum of 3 Holy Power at a time WHY wait for 5 holy power? Because if an emergency comes up you can use CS/HotR real quick to get back to 3 Holy Power and either recast SotR so that you can keep up the guaranteed damage reduction for a big attack OR use a 3 Holy Power Word of Glory to heal up.


Okay okay.

Our single target rotation (priority queue) focusing on survival with maximum damage is as follows form most important to least:
1. Keeping Weaken blows up with Hammer of the Righteous
2. Shield of the Righteous
3 Avenger's Shield during a Grand Crusader proc
4. Crusade Strike
5. Judgement
6. Avenger's Shield without a proc
7. Holy Wrath
8. Hammer of Wrath if usable Consecration
9. Consecration
10. Level 90 talent
11. Refreshing Sacred shield with 5 or less seconds

If you glyph Focused Shield move AS above HoW.

For maximum single target dps dont worry about WBs or SS (though thats a large mitigation loss) and prioritorize Hammer of wrath above everything save a glyphed AS. Similarly if you want to maximize survival bump up refreshing SS to just below SotR.

Our AoE rotation is not fully mathed out but for maximum damage around 3-4 targets its looking like this:

1. Hammer of the righteous for buff
2. Shield of the Righteous
3. Avenger's Shield with Grand Crusader Proc
4. Consecration for 4 or more targets
5. Avenger's Shield
6 Consecration with 3-2 targets
7. Holy wrath
8. Hammer of wrath
9. judgment
10. Level 90 talent
11. Hammer of the Righteous
12.Sacred Shield with 5 seconds or less to refresh

Use Seal of Righteousness at 4 or more targets. Use seal of insight if the damage you do is of no consequence and you need the extra survival. It should be noted that SoI is bugged currently where our splash damage from HotR also procs the seal. So if you want to make a REALLY big pull use SoI and spam the crap out of HotR. Otherwise use Seal of Truth.


Like I said the math on the aoe rotation is not done yet. You will PROBABLY get more damage at the moment mainly using HotR to keep the weakened blows debuff up and then dropping it to around HW.

HotR itself takes around 6 or more targets to do more damage than judgment, but since judgment is single target it can be more advantageous to use HotR over it to keep mobs on you during aoe.
Did you say Talents? OMG What talents should i take?

Our talents are actually optional (YAY) or situational this coming expansion. This means there are actually no right or wrong options.

An example of our talent being situational can be seen in the first tier.

Speed of light is nice when you need to get someplace QUICKLY but not that great when you need to move quickly for more often than 8 seconds out of every 45.

PoJ would be great on a fight like Heigan's Safety dance or encounters with lots of movement as would Long arm of the law. So on those two you need to think what is more useful.

Constant run speed increase improved by holding onto holy power for a maximum of 30% increased movement or 45% sprints whenever you can correctly time your judgment. Sometimes one will be better other times the other.

A quick note on tier 5 talents.

For damage these talents rate SW>HA>DP, while for SotR uptime they rank DP>HA>SW. Holy Avenger is more controllable than Divine purpose and can operate as a burst survival cd...and who doesnt want to wield the ashbringer? SW works well with the AW glyph (no duh huh) and is nice with LAotL. If you choose SW note that you should prioritize judgment over CS DURING AVENGING WRATH.

Also, there have been a few hotfixes to Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame.

Sacred shield now does not apply an absorb till after the first 6 seconds. Reapplying SS before its duration is up will keep this from happening mid-combat. So just make sure you apply SS 6seconds before the pull.

Eternal Flame was not affected by Bastion of Glory (BoG) at the start of the patch, but recently was hot-fixed. This makes EF more attractive talent and possible alternative to SS.

Im not a fan of Selfless healer for prot.


Tier 1 I went with PoJ because I like the constant speed increase of PoJ. I can see the use of LAotL but I prefer reliability. SoL is the hands down winner for any fight that has a GET OUT NOW moment.

For Tier 2 I went with repentance so it would be one less CC i would have to assign when tanking. Stun is also a good choice as you can reapply it in combat unlike Repent. There may be some uses for Burden but i suspect they will be few and see it mainly as a PVP talent.

In Tier 3 i would rather have the talent that helps prevent me from getting into a low health situation versus one that gets me out of one quicker. That said EF is also a very good choice for a talent. Unless you really really like healing others, or your specific healer is bad at remembering to heal themselves, I dont like selfless healer for tanking.

Tier 4 My goto talent is unbreakable spirit. I like the idea of having my cds free sooner. That said if a boss that has a STRONG dot were progression (say Heroic Yor) i would definately swap that for Hand of purity. Clemency might have some niche uses but i mainly see it as a PVP talent.

Tier 5. I love Holy Avenger. To me its both a survival and a damage cd. Its controllable and if i need to i can machine Gun WoGs or SotRs with it when i need them.

Tier 6. Dont have these yet but im probably going to go with Execution Sentence. Its way more damage single target and can be used on yourself for quite a bit of healing.


I get it. You are freaking out. Bare with me a bit longer.

We have 1 must have glyph and one glyph that is a must most of the time.

Glyph of the Alabaster Shield- our top dps glyph and synchs well with our AM. Get it.

Glyph of Divine Protection-If history is any indicator of the way raids will be in MoP on most encounter you will want to glyph Divine protection. As always use your knowledge of the encounter and your better judgement when using this glyph.

If you use seal of insight alot (as blizzard thinks we do when we really don't) then Glyph of the Battle Healer might be a good choice.

rest is up to you.


Well like I said alabaster is pretty much mandatory.

Most of the content i do does not have alot of magic damage so i mainly use DP. When i do an encounter with lots of magic damage i replace it with Avenging wrath.

I use the HotR glyph cause i suck at remembering to refresh Weakened blows and it annoys me to no end when it gets parried and the debuff drops. On a DPS intensive fight i would replace it with either final wrath or Focused shield.


Oh boy. Long explanation coming


=( Can i least explain after i tell you how to gear?


Okay. The readers digest version is that depending on what you are going for you will either want to get hit and expertise to 7.5% then stack mastery/stamina or stack avoidance.


Well you didnt want the long explanation.


The long version of this is that we now have all of the following as mitigation stats: Dodge/parry/hit/expertise/mastery/haste

Based on the current math dodge and parry provide the most mitigation followed by mastery then hit/expertise and finally haste.


Give me time.

Yes dodge and parry give the most damage reduction. However its very random and unreliable and overall damage mitigation stops being incredibly important the moment your healers out gear mana issues at which point you will want something more reliable. So usually a pro-damage reduction gearing scheme is good when first leveling up and then loses potency.

Getting hit and expertise to 15% and then stacking mastery (or haste) gives the most reliable mitigation that you can time to mitigate boss burst. This is a better gearing strategy for when your healers have more regen and you start facing REALLY hard hitting bosses.

While getting exp to 15% is the best strat for min/maxer you will take more damage as a result. So for a 10man normal raiding team (where healers aren't as geared and bosses dont hit as hard) you you can opt to trade back a little reliability in exchange for more damage reduction by going hit to 7.5%>exp to 7.5%>mastery>haste>exp to 15%.

So the best strategy depends on how geared you and your healer are. So make sure to talk to your healer regularly.

To further Complicate things avoidance enhances avoidance and makes hit/exp/mastery/haste weaker. Similarly hit/exp/mastery/haste all make each other stronger and make avoidance weaker.


Because when you are stacking mitigation stats (hit/exp/mastery) you are making boss attacks weaker and when an attack is weaker and less dangerous avoiding it is not as important. Similarly when you are avoiding most attacks making the few that do get through hurt less is not as important.


For damage reduction you focus on dodge and parry using the macro i gave you earlier. Note that when gemming that str (for cata content only) actually gives more parry than parry rating! However if you stacked no other stat but avoidance then once you reach 16% dodge mastery would start to overtake dodge due to diminishing returns. Parry is and will always be the king stat for damage reduction under the current mechanics.


Get hit and expertise to 15% and then start stacking mastery and haste. Stamina is the best stat for HARD hitting bosses.


Oh in that case:

hit to 7.5%>expertise to 7.5%>haste>Expertise to 14%=strength

Unless the boss is 75% magic damage use Austere Primal Diamond. For the rare boss who is mainly magic damage useEffulgent Primal Diamond. Block has been too weakened to worry with eternal gems anymore.

For the rest of the gem slots you first need to consider what it is you need.

Do you need mitigation or soaking power (effective health). If you are getting 2 shot or your healers have more mana than they know what to do with you will want more soaking power. Otherwise mitigation is the way to go.

*- denotes recommended

For Soaking:

Red: Defender's Imperial Amethyst or Guardian's Imperial Amethyst*
Blue: Solid River's Heart*
Green: Perfect Puissant Alexandrite * or Nimble Wild Jade*

Mitigation options! First up Gems for maximum Damage reduction!

Red: Flashing Primordial Ruby
Blue: Defender's Imperial Amethyst or Retaliating Imperial Amethyst
Yellow: Stalwart Vermilion Onyx

Now for mitigataion options favoring reliability:

Red: Fine Vermilion Onyx or Keen Vermilion Onyx*. Precise Primordial Ruby if absolutely necessary to hit 7.5% exp.
Blue: Accurate Imperial Amethyst, Nimble Wild Jade* or Guardian's Imperial Amethyst*
Yellow: Fractured Sun's Radiance or Nimble Wild Jade*

JC only gems: Flashing Serpent's Eye Fractured Serpent's Eye Solid Serpent's Eye

Would you quit with this * stuff and just tell us what you recommend already?

Okay okay

Recommended Gems

You forgot chants you imbecile


/Rodney Dangerfield

I get no respect i tell you. No respect.


Shoulders: Ox Horn Inscription Greater Ox Horn Inscription* or scribe only Secret Ox Horn Inscription*
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Protection* or Enchant Cloak - Accuracy . Dont forget Engineers you can use a Goblin Glider WITH EITHER chant.
Chest: Enchant Chest - Superior Stamina
Wrists: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength, Enchant Bracer - Major Dodge, or Enchant Bracer - Mastery*
Hands: Enchant Gloves - Superior Expertise, Enchant Gloves - Super Strength or Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery*
Belt:Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: Ironscale Leg Armor
Boots:Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step or Enchant Boots - Greater Precision or (if you have PoJ) Sha Armor Kit
Rings (chanter only): Enchant Ring Greater Stamina. On beta it says 160 but it actually gives 240 stamina.
Shield: Enchant Shield - Greater Parry
Weapons: Enchant Weapon - Colossus*, Enchant Weapon - River's Song, Enchant Weapon - Windsong, Living Steel Weapon Chain or Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel


Sorry >.<

Recommended Enchantments, armor kits, inscriptions and Belt buckles! OH MY![ul]

Shoulders: Greater Ox Horn Inscription or scribe only Secret Ox Horn Inscription
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Protection Engineers can use a Goblin Glider also.
Chest: Enchant Chest - Superior Stamina
Wrists: Enchant Bracer - Mastery
Hands: Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
Belt:Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: Ironscale Leg Armor
Boots:Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step or (if you have PoJ) Sha Armor Kit
Rings (chanter only): Enchant Ring Greater Stamina.
Shield: Enchant Shield - Greater Parry
Weapons: Enchant Weapon - Colossus, Enchant Weapon - River's Song, Enchant Weapon - Windsong, Living Steel Weapon Chain or Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel

Well i hope that covers all your questions about the changes. Hopefully Xayton will be back soon or a new guide will be up soon.

Thanks for reading =D

Xayon would have done a much better job than you! You suck at writing guides!

Hush! If you want a better guide you will have to go offsite:

Recommended links:

My MoP Plate Tank Gear Guide:
The Pally Only version:
Avoidance, diminishing returns, and block:
Tank movement
The old prot pally guide by Xayton!
Maintankadin forums-THE Prot pally theorycrafting site:


Oh yeah!

None of the info in this guide is original and is a paraphrasing of the info found on the maintankadin website or simply browsing wowheads. All Credit goes there.

In closing:

Don't blindly lead yourself. Take the time to learn about your class. Learn why you should be gemming with X gems, enchanting with Y enchants, and specing Z. It will give you a better understanding of how things work and in the long run make you a better tank.

-Xayton, former Pally Tank guide writer and One of the best tanks evah!
Reserved 1 of 6
Reserved 2 of 6
Reserved 3 of 6
Reserved 4 of 6
Reserved 5 of 6
Reserved 6 of 6
And one hastily thrown together guide DONE!

Once again this is meant as a MoP transition guide only.

In making this guide i wanted to add in as many hit/exp options as possible though i believe that you should try and reforge for these caps before resorting to gems/chants.

I also tried to add in tank damage option as well as things that tend to get over looked such as armor kits. Remember on many of the Str options i added that 93 (MoP)-110 (pre-MoP)% of str is converted to parry.

Thank you.
HOR as most important AOE spell? O.o I'd move consecrate and holy wrath to the top of that list.. I know they don't create HP but HOR will NOT hold agro either. HOR is a filler spell at best now.
Very good guide I have been looking for this and out of all the forums I been reading this one has the most information. We should request a sticky Plz
Thank you for the guide, and for using such terminology which I could personally understand.

Oh, also liked/highlighted for sticky.
Thanks for the comments. Ill improve the format tomorrow or the next day. Paper to write atm though.

09/03/2012 12:07 PMPosted by Stephey
HOR as most important AOE spell? O.o I'd move consecrate and holy wrath to the top of that list.. I know they don't create HP but HOR will NOT hold agro either. HOR is a filler spell at best now.

Like i said the math is not done yet and you very well could be right. If the theorycrafting/math changes (and it probably will) ill change that part.

I have a question that was not covered in the guide. Is kings or might a better blessing to use as a tank? Since might now increases mastery i figure that it is the blessing to use now (at least when you are the only pally. If ret still has an improved version they should use it).

I understand that kings maybe better for the grp as a whole, but for me personally is blessing of might better?

I personally would go for might when possible for personal benefit.
09/03/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Icandygriz
I understand that kings maybe better for the grp as a whole, but for me personally is blessing of might better?

Considering the change to Might and the fact that there's almost always a Druid or another Paladin in the group, Might does indeed seem to be the way to go now.

Also, thanks for the great guide!
Officially the new format for all Paladin forum guides.

Will use if I ever go Prot.
I feel that tjhis question doesn't deserve it's own thhread so I'lll just ask here.

What's the reasoning as to why I get a double stack of Sacred Shield with two separate timers? Not that I'm complaining I'm just wondering why though.

Also i tried macro'ing Sacred Shield to my judgement and it doesn't seem to be working? would there be any reason behind this?

#showtooltip Judgement
/cast Sacred Shield
/cast Judgement

Sacred Shield works but the macro won't judge for me

Very helpful thread btw, thankyou for spending the time to write all this up.
09/04/2012 10:20 AMPosted by Bekks
What's the reasoning as to why I get a double stack of Sacred Shield with two separate timers? Not that I'm complaining I'm just wondering why though.

I believe the buff with the longer duration is the "Absorb X damage every T seconds" overall effect, and the second, shorter buff is the "every T seconds" component.

#showtooltip Judgement
/cast Sacred Shield
/cast Judgement

Sacred Shield works but the macro won't judge for me

Possibly because Sacred Shield is on the GCD now.

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