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It's starting to expand more general purpose macros, but I'm ok with this. It gives me a chance to show off this one.

/stopmacro [@focus, noexists]
/stopmacro [@target, noexists]
/target focus

Swaps your focus and your target. If you have neither it won't fire to prevent wonky things from happening.
Don't know what I'm doing wrong, probably a lot.

But I cannot for the life of me get your shieldwall and reflect macros working.

Set up the 1sword/1board sets and when I copy paste it into a macro/save then try and use it, its just grayed out.

Sorry for my stupidity. Never really used macros before. :\
Ok, it should be greyed out as long as no shield is equipped. This is fine, but a double tap should activate it.

Only thing I can think of is that you are in your secondary spec and don't have the 2sword and 2board setup. Hard to diagnose without actually seeing it.
Ah the double tap did work. Thanks again for this guide man. Appreciate it
Yes, unfortunately you need to double tap any macro that requires an equipment of stance/form change to get it to fire. Most macro lines are processed at the same time.

Also update for October 14th:
  • Added a new safety macro for tank usage that slams you into defensive stance when you try to taunt. This macro may have been written after the raid wiped *shifty eyes*
  • Included the focus swap general purpose macro
  • Included the sweeping strikes modifier mortal strike macro. I was using this then swapped back at level 85 but it seems to be worth going back again, or at least including it.
  • Sticky requested, thanks for the tips! ^.^
    This list is very intimidating for me (a first time macroer).

    It is very well put together though and the explanations are great. Kudos to all the contributors.
    Learn macros for yourself:

    A Cd macro i use is

    /cast Battle Shout
    /cast Berserker Rage
    /cast Deadly Calm
    /cast Bloodbath

    BS, DC, and bath are all on 1 min cd's so they are ready to use at the same time. Berserker rage is on a 30 sec cd so when the little indicator hits 6'oclock that means its up, and back up again at 12'oclock.

    Then my other CD macro is banner, reck, trinket if i have it
    The only macro you need is

    /cast Bladestorm
    The only macro you need is

    /cast Bladestorm

    Dusted off my warrior for this one:

    /cast [nomod] Bladestorm
    /run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\LordMarrowgar\\IC_Marrowgar_WW01.wav")
    10/17/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Bumditches
    This list is very intimidating for me (a first time macroer).

    It is just like anything else, just jump right in and start learning the basics. You learn as you go and before you know it, you are coming up with macros of your own. Almost nothing in WoW can make your life easier/better than some good macros. They are more than worth your time to get to learn them, trust me.
    Update Oct 24th.

  • Added a script to determine if dodge or parry is a better investment as a warrior tank.
  • /run d=GetDodgeChance() p=GetParryChance() cp=237.186 cd=90.6425 bp=3.21 bd=5.01 x=bp+cp/cd*(d-bd); if (x > p) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("More parry"); else DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("More dodge") end
    I noticed that veev has charge macroed into his rotational abilities. I am unsure if I should include something like that but it seems... interesting.
    Thanks a bunch sticky requested.
    When are they gonna stick this?
    This was amazing.
    Sticky requested.
    Stance Dance Macro with Modifiers:

    /use [nomod]Battle Stance
    /use [mod:alt]Berserker Stance
    /use [mod:shift]Defensive Stance

    When you bind this macro to a keystroke (let us say "F1"), make sure to unbind "Shift/Alt"+ "F1"

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