Affliction play at level 90?

So three main points. This isn't QQ but clarification, please read all of it.

Glyph of Soul Swap puts a 30 second cooldown on Soul Swap which seem to long to me considering how important SB:SS is. Therefore you won't be picking it up.

Haunt is where our big damage output comes from which requires soul shards and the only way to get Soul Shards back is a 5% with corruption.

Dispel removes everything on an 8 second cooldown, which from my point of view occurs when we put haunt up.

A large amount of our damage is now based from malefic grasp.

My question is
a. do we focus on just keeping dot's up on one target and attempt switches with soul swap?
b. do we still multidot as much as possible while attempting to manage haunt on several targets at a time whilst fel flaming the !@#$ out of everything to keep them flowing?
c. do we pool shards and just multidot+haunt their entire team at a precise moment?

Is the design intent supposed to cause this much confusion or am I just overthinking it?
Multi dotting will be best having 2x or more corruptions running will give back more shard procs meaning more haunts. The DPS gain might be less that what multi dot fights were pre patch but it will still be a dps increase. Also you have to keep in mind that multi dotting will be MUCH easier with the pandemic ability that we pick up at 90.

There is no real answer to the "pooling shards" question as it should be done on a fight by fight basis. Analyzing each fight and determining small things that can be done DPS wise to make the fight easier or more manageable is what makes a good dps. ie. Pooling shards on heroic Zon'oz seems like a solid strat right before he goes into black phase so you can sb:sw 4 tenticles and quickly burn them down.
Also, doesn't Drain Soul reward shards at a ridiculous rate?

I know it's a DPS loss to use it above 20%, but if you're down to 1 shard on a single target(boss), then what else can you do?
Yes, drain soul restores soul shards. A fully channeled one will restore 3, and at 90, we'll be able to channel while moving.
The penalty for casting on the move makes this talent pretty much unacceptable.
Good luck channeling drain soul longer than 2 seconds without being interrupted; there is something seriously wrong with affliction right now and the only way I can see it being fixed is by 1.) buffing the SS proc from corruption to 10%, because after playing a handful of bgs the current 5% proc rate is abysmal, especially considering haunt is our only real bursty spell and we are limited to 4 charges followed by a low chance and unreliable proc to refund a shard, OR channeling a ridiculously slow and low dps spell (DS), also not fun or convenient. 2.) Make MG hit harder, if that's going to be our "go-to" spell in-between dotting, at least make it seem like it does damage, buff the ticks to 75% damage or something, because as a channeled spell it is easily interruptible, so therefore the benefits of getting a tick should mean something.

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