Arms and Fury feel the exact same

RB only cost 10 rage, you don't really need to pool for it. And when Bloodsurge procs YOU SHOULD be priortizing WS over anything except BT and CS.

Only prioritize BS procs if you dont have Rb charges or cs or Storm bolt or SW or DR or basically any other hard hitting filler.

As for arms and fury feeling the same.. They are completely different, arms rotation is sloooow with a alot of gaps because of low rage gen. ontop of Tfb makes it so it can hardly sustain its basic rotation and its counter productive, and way too rng.

Fury is alot faster and is the Furious style because rb procs are easy to get, and Bs procs makes for a fast pace rotation, with alot of hs usage and overall more fun playstyle, if you hit a dry spot there are plenty of no cost abilities to cover a gcd while waiting for BT

Seriously i dunno how people think they are the same
I've been leveling a warrior.

There no reason whatsoever to level as Fury OR Arms.

In Fury it usually takes me about 2 Bloodthirsts, a couple wild strikes, get lucky with a proc of Raging Blow then a few normal attacks to kill a mob (full heirloom btw). Arms not much different. I tried both TG and SMF (2 2h heirlooms and 2 1h Sword heirlooms

Protection though. Charge, 1 MAYBE 2 Devastates, then a Shield slam = dead mob. Rinse, repeat.

Whats the point of playing anything other than Prot for leveling? Nothing except to say ooo look pretty pair of 2h.

Just spent 10 minutes in each in Fury and Prot:
Fury ave 301.2 dps
Prot ave 411.0 dps

At level 39 killing the same type of mobs.

Not to mention you take more damage in Fury cause you taking longer to kill things.

Now Prot has best of both worlds. Insta Queue dungeons and fastest leveling for questing

I've had an identical experience leveling my warrior to 65 since the 5.0 patch. Arms is worthless (haven't tried fury) and prot is amazing. Arms DPS isn't even in the same ballpark as prot. Instant queue's like you said.... I just hope playing a warrior as DPS is worth a crap at high level since I made this toon for DPS, not tanking.
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Fury is alot faster and is the Furious style because rb procs are easy to get

I don't see where you are getting this from. Bloodthirst is 4.5 sec vs MS which is 6, but that is the only place where fury is faster. Raging Blow only procs if you crit with a bloodthirst or CS, while overpower is going to proc every MS and has a chance to continue proccing. Arms also has chance to proc a CS cool down reset. The only thing that fury has that may speed up the rotation is blood surge and that doesn't increase the speed of fury, it just gives you something to hit if RB doesn't proc. If RB and bloodsurge don't proc fury stands there for 4.5 seconds, that is not "fast".

09/07/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Ezyo
Seriously i dunno how people think they are the same

They are the same because you do the same thing in all situations with both specs.

First, Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike. This procs your second ability which is either Raging Blow or Overpower. Finally you use Slam/Wild Strike to burn rage.

Not even counting the DPS "rotation", neither spec has different tools for different situations. When you are kited you do the same thing, when you are on a healer same thing, peeling, vs caster, vs melee, vs ranged, its all the same stuff. Most if not all other classes play differently in different specs, look at how a mage plays frost vs fire vs arcane. Even DK's who are very similar use runes differently in each spec.

The bottom line is the specs "feel" the same, you can interchange between fury and arms and not notice any difference. The procs activate different abilities but it is still just a different name to it. You don't react differently in either spec, that is why I am saying they are the same.

Fury and Arms have the same feel in terms of play. Neither spec has a unique "flavor" and the only thing that will decide between them will be whichever does 0.0001% more damage.

If you're playing Fury the same way you play Arms, then you're not playing Fury correctly.
Before the patch, you would fought against Fury or Arms differently, or at least watched for different things. Arms had bladestorm and throwdown, two things you had to be careful of. While Fury had very high burst potential and increased mobility. You had to tranq fury to prevent damage and peel for throwdowns, or disarm bladestorm. After the patch you can fight either spec without a change in tactics. One is no different from the other, it has no "flavor", no unique ability to call its own that you have to look out for. And when you play either spec it feels that way. You aren't taking advantage of fury's increased mobility or arms control.

Can anyone name something that one spec can do that the other cannot? And I don't want to hear about .5% more damage. Damage has nothing to do with how you play your class, simply what your class looks like on meters.
Yeah, Fury gets a GCD reduction with Bloodsurge procs. Fury dual wields which leads to different rage income. Fury's main strike hits more often and crits more often which leads to more Enrage uptime. Fury can make their proc hit up to 4 targets which is hilariously awesome cleave. That one less GCD between BTs is a pretty big difference by itself. Fury just feels faster and more, well, furious. If it doesn't feel like that to you, honestly, you're probably doing it wrong.
The one thing I've noticed since the new dps has decreased almost 7000. From about 25k to 17.5k..Frankly I would rather play my Frost dk that gets 26K dps..I am so frustrated....anybody else have these issues??
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