WTS lvl 25 guild!!

have a lvl 25 guild for sale wsper dutchmasters or tankensteins for more info
not selling that guild it's one of my guilds i'v had for a bit now has

nothing to do with Dark Endeavor once so ever
Im not taking any offers on this guild at present. It was sold to me by the toon called Mathalex these guild members associated with this guild are Ethroy/Scalena/Rhoniel/sparkass/holdscrap/Aneko/Orgoghax/Beargrills/Money i do think that this is one of the exploited guilds.

The name of the Guild is Bernie Bag

I am sorry about this and i do apologize for anyone who had interest but i am going to wait in till i hear back from a GM about this matter.
I bought them from someone in trade chat to flip for a profit not knowing they were dodgy. Trying to fix this situation ASAP.
I lied about having it for a bit was just trying to make some profit off what i thought was a legit guild no harm done their
Looks like they are at it again


They are all in Devils Cut look at their Top Weekly Contributors with the guild being less then 1 day old

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