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I was wondering how to go about linking weapons/armour/items in my posts so you can scroll over it and view its information, etc?

I've always wondered, and never really felt the need to use it in a post until just now, and I realized I don't actually know how to do it xP .
There's a picture of a sword above the text box, you just need the item ID for it.
awesome, thank yew xD
Here's how I do it.

Let's say I want to link an Origami rock.

I look up the item on wowhead.com.


See that number I underlined on the wowhead url? That is the item ID number.

Copy that number. Then click the little sword icon that is above the forum text box. Now paste the number into the pop-up box.

Origami Rock
You need to get onto wowhead and look up the name of the item, and then use the number that is says in its url though. After you have the number then you can just go to the icon that looks like a sword in the text box, then you put in the number and then you just linked it. For example, I'll just look up Shadowmourne on the website, go to the only items spot, click on it, go to shadowmourne, click wowhead, then copy down the item number in it, come back here, type it in, and now i have Shadowmourne
Thank yew guys. xD Now I can put up fancy shtuff in my posts too xP

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