The Slaughtered Lamb ((Open RP))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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((This is a social RP. Make friends, fight outside or in the basement if you must))

Xeridea offered a very fake smile to the barkeep as she walked into the back kitchen. "Evenin'" came a gruff voice. She completely ignored the speaker as she went into the basement. A dark shadow crossed over the stairwell and blocked her from sight as she descended.

With a snap of her fingers, the fel-green candles flickered to life, illuminating the various skulls and skeletons organized in the room. A wave of her hand brought to life the runes carved into the stone floor. She smiled ever so slightly as she walked over to an green and yellow eye floating in an ornate cage. "Hello, precious..." she purred.

"Xeri! You're not paid to play house down in the basement!" a voice shouted. She growled, her eyes flashing with anger. She flicked her hood over her hair and walked from the basement, waving her hand over the shadows. They disappeared with almost no trace, and the normal basement reappeared.

She walked back into the main room and looked around bored. She sat on the edge of the bar and picked at her nails, waiting for something to happen.

((Like I said, this is mostly a social RP. You can be an employee of the Lamb, and one person can be the barkeep/owner, and one can be the cook.

Xeri is a guard for the Lamb.

Soo, yeah. Any questions, ask. Happy posting!))
Struts in through the slightly broken door. "Woah" he says. Coris keeps walking on and sees the Worgen girl and the Orc and decides to take a seat in the middle of both of them. "Barkeep, the usual please" Coris shouts. "Coming right up" The barkeeper told back.
((Wait, isn't the Slaughtered Lamb a tavern in SW that has a Basement where warlocks are trained?

And did an orc just walk in?))
((Wait, isn't the Slaughtered Lamb a tavern in SW that has a Basement where warlocks are trained?

And did an orc just walk in?))

OOC:It could happen i mean Coris doesn't mind and neither does the barkeep (whoever that is he is npc for now i guess XD) but just role with it. who knows this might get interesting
Coris being the polite man he is trys to start a conversation with the orc. "Hello, what brings you today" asks Coris in a polite tone
"Oh I'm sorry" says Coris apologetticaly. "Uh" he gets closer to the translater oe whatever it was. "Hello, what brings you today" Coris said with more clarification in his voice.
"I am doing wonderful thank you" says Coris who is delighted that he had found an orc who showed him more common curtosey then all the alliance combined. "You know, its hard being a worgen in a world full of steryotipical people who treat you like dirt" said Coris with a somewhat displeased face. "It was nice meeting you... Oh I am so sorry but I don't know your name, and mine is Coris by the way" Coris said with a smile.
"Nice to meet you too Freeze have a good day" he ended with a smile. As Coris walked back to his seat he thought about how the orc and him might not be so different. We all had loved ones. Mine died during the first seige and whatever was troubling Freeze might have to do with his family too. Its nice to see the simalarities fom both factions from time to time. Coris looked down into his purple colored drink the barkeeper just brought him. "Well here goes nothing" declared Coris. He chugged down the purple liquid and suddenley became his old human self again.
OOC: Alright seeya tommorrow good session :)
Coris chuckles at what he just witnessed. "Hey barkeep" Coris says. "AH, dont hurt me again please" exclaimed the barkeeper. Coris laughs, "Just give me a room I'll pay for the broken mug" Coris says still chuckling while he hands the barkeeper a bag of 20 silver.

OOC: I need some rest too see yall tommorrow
((Wait, isn't the Slaughtered Lamb a tavern in SW that has a Basement where warlocks are trained?
And did an orc just walk in?))

I don't recall seeing it stated anywhere that the tavern was in Stormwind.

On a second note, I do hate popping in with OOC comments, as I like to try and keep a RP thread as thread-related as possible, but I did just want to say that I will be bringing my Ookie in on this, since she needs some character development xD.

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