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(I know the idea is very much so, stolen from Kingdom Hearts, but hell, things will be different, and I haven't seen anyone pick this idea up yet, so begin posting, and have fun!)

There it was, staring him in the face, clear as the waters of . Staring him in the face was a large, black and white portal, leading to gods knows where. It was not menacing, no, it seemed very calm and peaceful, but in a way it was purely intimidating at how peaceful this portal could be. Manjoni Darkshire, hardened Knight of The Ebon Blade, standing in a clearing in Trisfal, scouting out and planning to meet an old friend who was turned Death Knight to. Where better than in the heart of enemy territory right?

He was simply sitting around, waiting in the shadows with the coveted, Night Elf Shadow-meld, waiting for his friend to arrive, when a large blast of warm light explodes through the area. It started in a beam, traveling through the forest at a blinding speed, moving through trees, but after a while of traveling it hit a location directly infront of Manjoni. The portal opened in the shape of a keyhole, slowly shifting down into the generic circular portal shape.

Amazed and astonished, Manjoni stumbled back, tripping on a gnarled tree trunk, landing on his elbows, grazing the sides. He winced in pain, cursing the anomaly for his pain. He slowly began to sit up, checking for any people in the areas around him, fearing the Forsaken had seen this as well. For a moment, he attempted to open a portal to his home in Archerus, but alas, his scourge magic was disconnected from him at the moment. He did not feel the necrotic energies as strongly as he normally did, being a student in the school of Blood and Unholy Magic. Angered by his inability to cast, he walked to the portal to examine it.

It was a swirling ball of black and white energy, both intertwined with each other, the light never leaving the darkness, nor vise versa. He commanded to the runes in his arms to check to what kind of magic he was encountering, but they did not respond in any way. "Unknown Magic, blasts of light and darkness, and a Keyhole? Is this a message from a greater intelligence?" he thought.

He stared into the center of the portal, pondering what to do. He couldn't leave, but at the same time, if he could, would he dare? What if this was just what he needed? He wiped away all inhibition, all fears or doubts about the portal, and leapt, entire body curled to fit the size of the portal. All he could see for what seemed to be only a minuet, was bright light and consuming darkness. He stumbled through the light and darkness, feelings going from calm and collected, to afraid and scared for his life. When he stumbled out of the portal, he landed face first, letting out a loud"Doh!" He quickly stood up and dusted off his armor and readied his rune-blade, also readying his magic if it would return to him. A faint glow of purple was in his hand, nothing of which he'd seen before, normally shining a putrid green ball.

Confused, he brought his hand down, and steeled his mind to prepare for attack. Alas, when he looked up he seemed to be in Stormwind City. But everything seemed different, barren and simply hallow. All of the shops were there, doors normally open to people open. Actions of the fountain were still moving, bells ringing that normally go at the strike of the hour. He looked up to see the clock striking midnight, perfectly normal as the streets seemed barren and it was very dark outside. But it was not a simple darkness that comes in the night. The moons shine was not normal. It glowed faintly, however it was a full moon. He began to walk around the city, confused and concerned. He sheathed his weapon, fearing for whatever may be in this area, will not be downed by simple weaponry, Scourge or not.

He moved to the Cathedral area, usually an area not as busy as say the Trade District or the Dwarvern District. But when he walked into the Cathedral, he saw a tall hooded figure. He was tall and skinny, much like a common elf of any sorts. Through a closer look he spotted a quick tinge of Dark Orange Hair.

"Who are you!" Manjoni Shouted. "Where are we, and why is Stormwind the way it is right now?" he shouted, his voice echoing through the empty halls of the Cathedral. His Death Knight voice helped him sound confident, but in truth, he was scared, frightened, and just wanted to figure out what was going on.

The figure stood near the window at the end of the Hall, the moonlight making moonbeams into the area surrounding the figure and an area a few yards away.

"Who am I you ask, young one?" said the figure, his voice eerie yet lacking the creepy undertone to make you simply run. It made you have a bad feeling in your gut, but you must simply listen to his words. "I, young one, am Delthorian, Keeper to the Darkness and to the Light." (Ill finish it up next, sorry for the lengthy opening, but it's helpful later.)
As for what happend to your precious city?" he said with a tinge of curiosity. "Well, it has undergone the changes from your realm. This has been here since the dawn of your realm, coinciding with it. Events happen there, and the ripple is shown here." said Delthorian. "All that is in your realm is in here. But here, we do not have life and death. We simply exist as we are most comfortable. I pick the form of what you call the Sin'dori, not because I must, but only because such form pleases me. If I truly wanted, I would be you, or Your King, or even those who you care most of. But I shall not, as this is what pleases me most right now." He said, adding a smile under his hooded face. "This is really freaking me out right now." Thought Manjoni. "What is going on!"

"What did I do to get here. I know that portal brought me here, but why me?" he shouted at Delthorian.

"Why young Kal'dori, why does one do anything? This realm is only here for those who are in need of it, and those who must overcome trial. It also has been used to hone the mind of many in your realm, for they see more clearly what they have done to impact the world they live in."he said.

"Why, don't you remember the opening of the Dark Portal not but a few years ago? I know you do Manjoni."

"Y-Yes, I do. I remember the day the portal sparked with the energy needed to go back to that accursed world. Outlands, I spent months there, learning the new ways of the warrior, discovering the life and events going on in the world." he said.

"Yes, these things I already know young one. I've seen your entire life from the day you were born. I've seen all things that have existed, and all things that will. But to the point. I know you also have problems in your world going on right now, mostly political, some personal." he spoke.

"I am not here to talk about the problems of just one, nor those of all. These changes have effected everyone differently, but I have seen your problems, as well as others to be greater than many. So I've brought you, and other with similar problems here, so you may see how the world is to be and I, and my brothers and sisters, are to show you and your group who I am in the process of summoning now, how to survive, and to show you the actual significance you hold yourself to, however great or small. You may be greater than you believe yourself to be, or you may simply be an ant on the impact of all worlds. That is up to you. But I'm to show you what you and these people truly are. So behold, look through the glass I bring you." he shouted, instantly a mirror appearing centimeters in front of Manjoni. Astonished, he jumped back, nearly tripping over his own boots.

"Walk through the mirror Kel'dori." Once again, he made the dumb decision to step into a gateway. Why, he didn't know. He went through the process of the darkness again, but when he popped out he was in a large gray castle,floating in space, not a star to be seen. It sported a black and white Lion of the Alliance symbol, and a Horde symbol as well. But in the middle of the two, was an unknown symbol. He couldn't make out what it was, as it continually shifted. He looked around to see himself in a large white, grayish room staring out of the window into space, down to Azeroth. When he turned around, Delthorian was staring him in the face, square in the eyes. He jumped back, and backed up into the glass window.

"Wow, you really need to stop doing that!" he shouted. But his voice did not echo. It did not make a notable sound. His voice only reached so far, then it died out. This was disheartening to Manjoni, but he quickly overcame this feeling. "Anyways, what is this?" he asked. "This, young one, is the beginning of the journey. You will see what others wish to, and what you must to know what you truly are. You are also to see the lives of your companions to come."

"What companions, I work alone, old man. The last time I was in a group was to fight my way out of Lights Hope." he said.

"You will see. And you will know." Said Delthorian. He simply disappeared into a portal of pure darkness behind him. And he was gone. No trace he was there. All that was left in the room was a gray table, some food, drink, and four spinning portals. Just like the one he entered.

(I know, really long intro is long. But PLEASE feel free to make a long story as to WHY your here, where your char is from, their alignments, allegiances, and all other things. I LOVE when people create a story, so PLEASE, be imaginative, and if you want, add a tiny bit of Mary-Sue to your story, as long as you don't have any, I killed Arthas/I was in the first group to kill him. I'll accept as far as, I've met, I dunno, Thrall at the battle for wyrmest, just nothing to major. So, have fun, post, and bring your best story and grammarz!)
Not going to post a story but I do have to say for a long story it was intriguing (especially since im like a die-hard kingdom hearts fan XD) but otherwise good story and keep up the good work :)
(Pleaaaaaaase post? I'll be your best friend :D)
Hahaha i will think of a story when i get the chance but im curentley writing another book u should check it out in the book thread. The book of Nient is its name (my mains name).

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