Recruiting Heals/DPS for MoP

We are currently 4/6 MV. Our core group of raiders have been playing from late Vanilla->Mop. The officers have been in Hardcore raiding guilds and drifted on and off the game from time to time. Many of the toons in the Guild are alts from raiding guilds and a few of us only log on to join the Sunday raid. Whatever your shedule in life or in game we would like to welcome you to the Guild.

What we offer: Casual Raids lead by knowledgeable officers. We are commited to not wasting your or our own time not being prepared. We provide guild repairs, vent, and food/flask for progression. We are offering you the chance to get to know a few new people from the game and maybe make a friend or two.

What we expect: Courtesy to Guildies, this includes being on time to raid, knowing your class, and the fights to come. We know things come up and we don't expect everyone to make every raid. That's cool, just give us a heads up a day or two in advance.

Loot: will be done with Loot counsel,and with a measure of Courtesy from guildies ie Small upgrade for you , but Big upgrade for a do the right thing for the greater good yeah?

Our needs: We need 1 Ranged DPS for our dore ten man. Thanks for checking us out. Please contact any one from Linkshell for more info.
There is also a few of us that play from 12am-3am server time, doing mog runs and dungeons, so if you play late night like us and want some people to play with hit us up.
This is Noff's way of saying he is bored of me :(
/wave back
LFM heals and pewpew!
Does anyone know Tobias Funkey?
Raid night....RAWR!!!!
Don't you meow at me all inquisitively...
LFM Heals + Dps
again with the Bumping for DPS and Heals for MoP!
I want new people to corrupt...
looking for more Raiders.
Did you hear that?
the sound of u breaking 10k Acheesements?!
Sunday Raids sound like fun. I think I might be interested.

(I have many dps alts at L85, but I think I'd like to be a Lock for Mists).

Sounds Great catch any of us in game for more info or send me a in game mail, thanks.
rawr kids

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