Recruiting Heals/DPS for MoP

1 day until MoP!
I see Panda's. Looking for more peeps!
Looking for 1 Ranged DPS!
What type of Range?
A Hunter, SP, or Boomkin would be Great!
This Bump just happened.
Still looking
Hey remember that time when you were tanking and didn't die?.........yea that was me....just sayin. :)
LFM Ranged dps
Fine you caught me....its was Noffykins. -_- BTW he told me he would love some more Ranged DPS to heal...
Happy Thanksgiving!
This helm is win!
LFM people, Some of the guildies are particularly lonely ;)
^ haha Looking for a MAGE, ELE, or BooM dps thanks.
Looking for any Ranged DPS class!
We need a tank and two ranged dps, a lock or boomkin would be great.
LF Tank and Ranged DPS for once a week raid.
pabst blue ribbon or guinness Mr Mage?

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