Power Word Awesome is now recruiting !!!

Hey Everyone,
We would like to invite any experienced raiders (or players that are skilled and wish to raid) to apply to Power Word Awesome! As the Raid Leader, i want to guarantee you that we have a great time and we progress well...As a level 25 guild we obviously pay for raider repairs and in addition, we supply all gems, enchants, glyphs, flasks and food for our raiders.
Outside of raid, the guild has a great social network and we schedule group runs of all sorts (i.e. achievement runs, arena teams, gear runs for new players,etc.) We are planning a leveling contest at the start of MoP for gold and a vent pre-release party with MoP trivia for gold!
So come join us today!!! 8D

Apply @ pwawesome.guildlaunch.com

There is a list of priority raiders we wish to have join but we will review any class of quality raider!
Looking for more healers and ranged dps....anyone out there?
I joined a few months back and then RL took over, but I'm back playing for MOP and if you'd like, I can move my alts into PWA and would be happy to join you guys! It appears I was never removed either, so when I get on later I will reintroduce myself.

Also, I have three friends (85s that are starting MOP) who would love a home.

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