Blood Faith recruiting everyone for MoP.

Blood Faith (8/8 in Heroic Dragon Soul) is currently looking for:

Any and all players for MoP leveling, heroic, and raids.

We are a level 25 guild with a 10 man raid and we are looking to take in more players to level with, run heroics with, and to form a 10 man raid in MoP.

With the expansion reset we will be taking the 10 best players in our guild to raid with.
So if you think you can outshine the others please come do so.

Even if you don't want to raid and just want to level or run heroics or LFR with us you are still more than welcome.

We raid Mon/Wed/Thurs from 7-10PST currently but it may change in a month when MoP raids start.
Message or mail Mallard in game if you are interested.

We are an adult guild with adult language, however, no hate speech of any kind is tolerated.
Don't be shy!
Sent you an in-game mail! I am looking for a small close-knit guild, and a healer spot in a 10m (prefer resto druid or disc priest; also have a resto shaman and plan to collect the other healer classes as well). I can't do Wednesdays unfortunately but Monday, Tuesday, Thursday are all good.

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