25M Dragon Soul Sunday @ 7PM EST

25M Heroic Dragon Soul Sunday @ 7PM EST - This is perfect for Savior alts, alts of saviors, etc. Gear up before MoP to make leveling a tad easier, or just come for fun!

We'll be attempting as many hard modes as possible, shooting for 8/8 H as that is more than possible now. Although I won't be spending hours wiping on a specific boss. MS > OS /Roll, Mounts are also free roll. May end up GDKPing off the second mount, if the raid seems to be ok with that (Splitting the pot between the raid)

I'll be attending on my rogue (Heywoods) so Clusters are reserved.

Saviors > Alts of Saviors > HM Exp > Normal Mode Exp > No Exp, in terms of accepting people for this run.

Please be aware the Ilev require is 397 regardless of you being a alt of a savior or not, this is not a carry me run. I also reserve the right to remove anyone who does a poop 20K DPS.

You can either add me @ Rico#1204, Mail me in game, post here, or contact me if you ever see me in game.

I'll be compiling a roster prior to Saturday.

- Peace
25M Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic Cleared.

Mounts were free rolled.

Gratz who attended, we'll be doing the same thing next week.

Priority goes to those who came last week.

You don't have to sign up if you're from Sargeras, I try to give priority to those on this server.

Just make sure you mail me prior to Sunday.

We'll have 5 slots available this week after all sign ups are done so mail while spots remain!

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