Into The Darkness (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Finally the thing is dead, such a pain in the neck, the druid chuckled at his pun, considering it had been the Rider's neck that had taken the killing blow. His mirth was short lived as he heard more hoofbeats from behind coming from the forest, great, as if things couldn't get any worse. He turned his head to see four more Dark Rider's barreling down towards them, well guess there is no point in running now, I can't just leave these guys to fend for themselves. The druid had not taken too much damage, maybe a cracked rib, but he could still fight, at full strength, he didn't need to worry though as the Riders halted, and seemed to have some sort of inner dialogue. Sammuroth smirked knowing all too well what that was like, before they fell back, one of the Riders threatened their eternal damnation, and as the sped away the druid called after them, "Your boss said the same thing, and look where that got him, but good luck with that!!" As the other heroes went to tend to their wounds, the druid sighed, "Well we saved the town, or what's left of it," many citizens had been killed, the only survivors he knew of were the ones in the inn.

The druid shrugged, and wandered over to the inn, and leaped back onto the roof, there he plopped himself down, and rested his head on his paws. He was on the edge of the roof in full view of those below, if any of them wished to talk with him, though he didn't know why they would. For now he decided to go over the events in his head, and try to deduce who or what could be behind this, the Devourer huh, sounds like a pretty hungry guy, the druid smiled at his own joke.
Coris sat down in his only chair from before that was luckily still standing. He had finally barred up the doors so that the villagers didn't get out.

After catching his breath he went outside and tended to everyones wounds. None had served serious wounds but he still could see blood dripping around this small group of friends. He noticed Laviete and realized she was the one that needed the most attention. So Coris set to work healing the poor druid.
She had done it, she had managed to kill the bastard rider. "It's done..." she said. Then the other four riders let themselves be known. She readied her blade, the great bear form druid stood defensively before her as well. Before combat could be known the riders left after preaching revenge against them.

"Azurara they are contained for now. Let us check on Lynara." Feathertalon said. The hippogryph turned towards the door and walked out.

"Yes I agree." Azurara said as she followed him outside. "Aunt Lynara!" She shouted as she ran over to Lynara. Feathertalon made it to her first.

"Are you ok Lynara?" The Hippogryph asked.

"I am fine." She said trying to catch her breath. A shiver ran over her. "Lets go inside." She said openly.
After succesively healing up Laviette he headed inside the inn. He saw Lynara panting while sitting down in one of the broken tables.

He ran over to Lyn as fast as he could seeing as she needed emergency care.

"It's ok Lyn, just let me heal up your wounds."

He started by feeling along her hind leg and quickly pulled away when she winced.

"Ok Lyn this is going to sting a little" he said. He then started to hum an incantation that sounded a little like Clementine and her wound was starting to close up.
"Do you know your orders" asked the churchman impatiently.

"Yes, yes I know, I go to Darkshire to see what all the commotion is I got it" he replied with not so much vigor.

"Then go and stop wasting my time" said the churchmember annoyed.

'Light why do I have to go to that Light's- forsaken village' he said to himself complaining.

Nient thought for a moment and decided he'd take the longest way there and summoned his Charger. "Alright boy to Darkshire" he said kneeding the horse on.

----- (5 hours later) -----

They had reached what was known as Duskwood and he reached out over the bridge and felt a strong demonic presence. 'Hm this should be fun' he thought excitedly. They rode on for another 15 minutes or so when he saw a group of riders striding by. "Hey wait" he called. But it was futile knowing his words were lost to the wind. He came upon a little encampent and noticed that there were Worgen bodys strown about the place. He went up to the guard who seemed to be in charge.

"Um what happened here" he asked. It was Cynthia's voice that answered back.

"Massive feral- Worgen attack" she said panting.

'Damn and I missed the party too' he thought discouraged.

"Um captain could you point me to Darkshire"

"Just down there" she said and later adding quickly "And could you see if Coris is alright too I'm worried sick" she said.

"Um, whose Coris?" he asked.

"Oh thats right, you can't miss him hes like these poor fellows" she said pointing to the dead Worgen "except he is right in the head, at least mostly, and wears priest robes."

"Will do thanks" he said not waiting for a response.

---- (30 minutes later) ----

Nient came upon the small little town and was shocked at the scene. He saw dead bodies everywhere including a seemingly difficult character that had his head chopped off. 'Damn why do I get to miss out on all the fun' he thought groaning. After searching through all the dead bodies he decided to enter the inn. He saw a small group of people sitting down and he couldn't help but act suspicious. "Um hello?" he asked.
Shinaria. A few days ago

The sound of feet stepping down stairs would have been heard lightly through out the house located in the hillside of the Hinterlands. Walking down a spiral stair case was a woman, Quel'dorei, dressed in white, she was humming to a small tune inside her head while she made her way into the home's kitchen. She turned right at the stairs, walking passed two other rooms before making another right into the kitchen, the sound of voices reached her ears.

As she entered the room, she was met by the site of two other Quel'dorei like herself, her sister and a friend, but there was a third person, a human, dressed in the Argent Crusade attire. One of them, the girl, spoke "Morning Shinaria, how did you sleep?" she said, smiling sweetly at her sister. The woman other known as Shinaria smiled "Well enough...morning Aldrus...and who's this now?" she pointed a finger at the human.

The man lowered the mug of water he had been drinking and pulled out a small scroll of parchment "You're being assigned to go to Duskwood under the orders of the Argent Crusade to find out what's causing a strange and weird snow storm. They say it's natural, and that darker magics are at work...think you can handle it?". Shinaria took the parchment to read over it, her gaze giving it a quick look over before turning to leave. Her sister, Nishara called after her "Hey....what about breakfast!?".

Shinaria didn't answer, she was going to pack, but there was one stop that she would have to make....a certain Druid she needed to call.


The Shrine seemed peaceful enough. Birds chirped in the trees, the Druids wondered around doing their day to day patrols and other matters. Out of all them, there was one Druid who sat high up, perched on one of the branches, a small bird resting on his finger. This Druid, was Coron Moonblade.

Coron chuckled as the small bird waggled it's tail feather and hopped side to side on his finger, chirping sweetly as it looked around it's environment. He would usually hang up here just for the sake of it being peaceful, looking at the different birds that stayed at the Shrine even though he looked at them many times before. As he continued to watch the small avian creature, he heard someone call his name


The man's amber gaze turned to look at a Kaldorei woman, walking out of the shrine, looking for him. She wore the same armor as he, only she wielded a purple scythe instead of blue. It was his friend, Lishari. Looking at the small bird, he raised a finger to stroke the small creatures head "I have to go, have fun now" he murmured, beckoning the bird to take flight. When it did, he began to take the form of a large raven before he flew down to see why he was being called.

"Problem, Lushari?" he said, landing besides the girl and taking his Kaldorei form once more. The Druidess turned and sighed at the man "Thhhheeereee you are. You got a letter from some Argent person named....umm..." she took out a letter and looked over it "Shinaria?". Core raised a brow, extending his hand for the letter, which Lishari gave to him, and he read over the letter "Shinaria I was wondering when I was going to hear from her again" he smirked and looked up at the Druidess "I gotta go, tell my Sisters I'll be back in a few days"

"Careful out there, you silly Crow" Lishari said, smirking slyly at the man, who returned her smirk before taking form of a raven once more and flying in the direction of Darnassus.

---------------------A few days later------------------


The repetitive sound of boot on snow was the only really thing that could be heard as two fingers made their way, slowly, to Darkshire. One of them was Shinaria, hood pulled over her head and scarf covering her mouth, a wand held high spread light to where they needed to go. Behind her followed Core, who's own hood was pulled over his head, blocking the snow from getting into his hair. Slowly, the two would make there way to their destination, Darkshire, where they will investigate the cause of this mysterious storm and it's dark purpose....

Shinaria sighed as they trudged on through the snow "This storm does have an unnatural feel to it....what do you think, Core?" she said, glancing over her shoulder at her friend, who stuck close to her in case they were attacked by anything "The winds are unnatural....this is caused by nature....I've been to Duskwood before, this doesn't seem right at all" he said, a hint of disgust trailing in his voice as Darkshire came into view.

As they entered the more lit area, Shinaria put out her wand and looked around "Seems like they were attacked recently" she murmured, pulling down her scarf a little. Core nodded, observing the area around them "It would seem so, would it?" he said when his eyes came to fall upon what would seem to be a Kaldorei Druidess (Lavi). Beckoning to Shinaria, the two walked over to the woman, Core reaching over to lightly tap her on the shoulder and get her attention.

"Coron Moonblade, Druid of the Talon, this is my friend Shinaria Sunblaze of the Argent Crusade. We are here about the mysterious events that are currently can you tell us what is going on here, sister?" he would have waited for the woman's response, taking note that she seemed rather cute, but pushed it to another side of his mind for another time.

Sammuroth kept a watchful eye on the forest, just in case the enemy returned, so the arrival of two travelers, was not lost on him. Not the best area to take a stroll, he watched the newcomers closely, he didn't want ot be caught off guard if they were enemies. He watched as the two came over to the druidess, his keen feline ears picked up a little of the introduction, but his mind didn't register the names given. His mind was focused, on the reason for these strange occurences, who was behind them, what was their goal, who was this Devourer the Riders mentioned? So many questions, with too few answers, " You shouldn't need to think too hard on the identity of this Devourer, the name is dead giveaway you dolt." Sammuroth let out a low growl at the "other" yes I have already figured it is either some powerful demon or an Old God, but just because those are the most likely solutions doesn't make them right. The Voice laughed, "I suppose not, but what else could it be," the druid shrugged who knows, but I am going to keep an open mind, the druid felt the "other" return to the depths of his mind.

The cat yawned, dealing with the "other" was always a strain, and the fact he was a little worn out from the battle with the Rider didn't help. He doubted anyone heard him, nor knew he was even up there the majority of the group had entered the inn to see to their wounds, and rest he assumed. He shifted his position, a little snow falling from the roof due to his movement, he wanted to sleep, but he wasn't going to take the chance that the Riders would return, so he kept watch. His ribs hurt just a little, but not enough to hinder him, if the Riders returned he would be ready.
An hour earlier

The master watched as the dark rider fought against the defenders of dark shire. Like a fox in a mole hill the massive being tore through the defenders, gleefully hacking their corpses to bits. However when he turned to face a new the others, the dark rider dominance evaporated. As the dark knight fought, the master could feel uncertainty begin to creep into his gut.

Blow after blow slipped past the dark rider as the defenders began to focus down his dark champion. Like a shaman trying to hold back a hurricane, the dark rider tried in vain to fulfill his master’s task. Though the rider could not see it, the master saw the elf b*tches blade arcing through the air. As the riders head hit the floor, the master saw through the eyes of the remaining four as they charged through the heavy snow to avenge their captain.

Reaching into their mind, The master compelled them to return to the castle, he would not risk his strongest warriors in a fight they might not win. As the Master continued to channel his dark spell, a curious look crossed his face as he stared out of his balcony at a small green/yellow pin prick on the horizon.


Faster and faster the glowing orb sped across as it headed south east. As it left Dusk wood, a lone spire rose out of the mists in the distance. Like a blot of green lightening, the orb shot towards the top of the tower. With a deafening crack, the orb struck the ground not meters from the master.


The master had turned his head for but a moment to strengthen the spell’s matrix when the green pin point smashed into the ground not meters from him. Instinctively, the master stepped back from the foreign object, throwing a ward of dark magic over himself for protection. Inadvertently the master had stepped out of the spell’s matrix; too late did he release his mistake. The hair on the back of his neck rose on end as an arcane surge shot out in all direction, knocking the master clear across the room.

As the feedback dissipated, the master rose slowly, doing his best to shake the stars from his vision. As he took inventory, it dawned on him how lucky he was. The feedback from a spell of that magnitude could easily have scattered every fiber of the master being unto the wind.


The prophet smiled as the so called master, was flung helplessly across the room by the feedback from his own magic. Gripping his own orb, the prophet activated the spell.
A hissing sound made the master whirl around and face the mysterious orb. Dark smoke poured forth from a seam that ran the length of the small sphere. Instead of dissipating, the smoke seemed to coalesce into a face. As the phantom lips moved a deep gravelly voice boomed fourth. “Did you think you could escape without me finding you?” The words just hung there for a moment, as the master’s mind raced seeking an answer. “The cube belongs to the disciples of madness, foolishly you desecrated our temple, now you will face the our wrath!”

A smile curled on the Masters lips as clarity descended upon him. Some three months ago he had dispatched an elite force, headed by the dark riders, to a remote temple in tanaris. Nestled deep in the mountains, the place had been heavily warded, as well as protected by more mundane means. For months the master had chased every possible lead in his search for the remote sanctum. As he toiled, the devourer reached out and touched his mind, images of the stifling desert filled his conscious, and spells of unknown origin were seared into his mind. With the knowledge he had been given by his lord, everything else fell into place.

Boisterously The Master taunted the cloud saying, “Yes now I remember. I sent my disciples to purloin you “sacred” relic for my own purposes. Count yourself lucky you had not been there, or your miserable essence would have been absorbed by the cube. Fear not, once I have unleashed him, I shall come back for you and return, your precious relic.” The master began to laugh as the spectral face contorted in rage.

“You are a fool, Balthazar Darkrender. I know of your plans to try and unleash your demon lord upon Azeroth. The cube is only the first step of many, long have you tarried, in the last guardians home. We see all and know all. We are so very close now, when we take back the cube, I shall bring you before him, and your mind shall be shattered by his unending madness. Prepare yourself, we shall bring your pathetic castle down around you, we are coming.” Dark laughter emanated from the cloud as it dispersed along the wind.



Jeramayan woke to the soft pat of a hand on his face. At first he thought it was his beloved wife, but as his eyes focused, upon the red garbed woman, his hopes were dashed. Crestfallen he allowed her to help him to his feet and direct him to the inn. Fining himself a chair, Jeramayan let his weight collapse into it as a wave of weakness passed over him. With the adrenaline of battle fading, Jeramayan could feel every bruise, laceration, and wound on his body pulse with pain.

The Villagers milled about confused, not sure whether it was safe or not to explore the courtyard. He hoped that they didn’t, the sight of so much death would do more harm than good, however he was too tired to do much about it. For the first time in some 48 hours, Jeramayan began to think about everything that had happened. His sharp focus gone, Thoughts of his abducted family began to overwhelm him. Fear, anger, doubt and despair, the veteran warrior was helpless as the cankerous emotions ran through him like wildfire. His face contorted in grief as he did his best to keep his composure. The task was doomed from the start. As quickly as his damaged body allowed him, Jeramayan exited the packed inn, and walked aimlessly into the forest.

Though the clouds still covered the sky, light managed to find its way to the earth, barely illuminating a path for the grief stricken warrior. As he reached the woods, the harden warrior broke down. Tears poured from his face as the warriors large frame was racked by sobs of anguish. Alone in the forest, the warrior let out his grief accosting the world for its cruelty
Sammuroth watched the warrior depart, his years of life allowed him to see past the man's facade of composure, whatever he has lost, must be precious indeed, his family perhaps? The druid knew all too well what that was like, luckily for the human he didn't have to live with the fact he killed them, and there was always some hope they still lived. The druid had lived his some ten thousand year life with the knowledge and nightmares, of himself killing his family, of course then, and even now he knew he had been right. The only regret he had was that he could not save his sister Moriana, it was her face that haunted his nightmares, but he had learned long ago, that the past was the past, and that it was the "other" that continuosly tormented him with those dreams. He knew it was best to leave the man to his sorrow, he would return from it stronger and more determined, at least he hoped so.
She felt incredibly weary then. Fighting always seemed to take a lot out of her. A strange shimmer over-came the bear, and then a kaldorei appeared in place of the animal. Her silvery eyes were closed as she communed with the animal-like spirits in her soul. In the far reaches of her mind, an intelligent crow stared back at her, and a white deer shook its head as it tore bark from a tree for sustenance; a white panther, invisible to its prey in the shadows, stalked silently, and a bear lay down to rest in her den while a streamline orca plunged into the icy depths of some northern water. It was her inner world, a peaceful place that, no matter what trials fell upon her, would always remain perfect in her eyes and mind.

Opening her eyes and laying to rest the communal with her soul, Laviette stood in time for the worgen priest to approach her and dutifully heal her wounds. She bowed in thanks, a habit she had picked up from the pandaren during her short stay in their homeland. The weariness was not cured; however the wracking headache and various scratches and pains had disappeared. She would live; she always did through these situations. Sometimes it was a feat that she marvelled over. The thought was tinged with a degree of bitterness, until she looked over at her friend. She was kneeling, and there was a kind, open expression on her face; the expression that was usually reserved for Laviette, children, the elderly, or the wounded and injured. No matter how irritating or difficult life became, it would always be worth it. Being friends with Althmyst opened her eyes to that, even more-so than before.

There was a tap on her shoulder and she jumped, whirling around in surprise. People were sneaking up on her much too easily lately; she noted the culprits of late seemed to be of her kind. "Coron Moonblade, Druid of the Talon, this is my friend Shinaria Sunblaze of the Argent Crusade. We are here about the mysterious events that are currently can you tell us what is going on here, sister?" For a moment Laviette’s silvery eyes glanced over at Shinaria, drinking in everything visible about her. It was strange to see a blood and night elf together, and her surprise would have been openly noticeable on her expression. Suspicion was a momentary reaction, until she reminded herself that this blood elf was of the Argent Crusade. Having spent some time in Northrend with the Crusade, she knew of their honor system, and soon relaxed.

Finally her eyes returned to him, the kaldorei and druid. He held the traditional sharp and handsome features of her kind, but the most drawing feature of his face was the dragon tattoo, hugging his eye. It strangely reminded her of Althmyst, and she dared a glance at her friend before returning her inspecting gaze to the druid before her.
”We were attacked.” She said finally, running her eyes up and down his body with open curiosity. His armor was strange for a druid; while it was leather, it appeared more like rogue armour than druid. ”Even still we don’t know a whole lot about what is going on, however we do know that worgen were driven to attack us.” Her hand gestured to the fallen dark rider. An expression crossed her face then, one of thoughtfulness and anxiety. ”He continually mentioned something of... The Hour of Darkness, and the Devourer. There were others like him, four, however they rode off once he was slain. I have a feeling that was not the last we will hear of them.” Her voice took on a grim sound then. ”Whatever is going on here, we will be getting to the bottom of it.”

Clearing her throat, she suddenly looked slightly bashful. The stern and unyielding expression, honed into her by her kind, relaxed slightly, opening her face further. The slightest of blushes warmed her cheeks, though her voice said nothing of the thoughts running through her head. ”Laviette Endal’dracon, Druid of the Claw. Elune-adore, Coron, it is a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled. ”I hope that your friend and you choose to join us in our quest to find out just who the Devourer is, and what this Hour of Darkness is about.” Yes, she certainly did hope he would join them.
After Coris had healed up everyone he took a seat and thought to himself for awhile. 'Is Cynthia doing alright' he thought. He soon fell into a light sleep


"Hey priest" he said not waiting for him to wake up

Coris lept out of his fur at being shaken awake. "Oh what is it" he asked.

"Your name is Coris right?"

Yes, what is it?"

"I was sent by this person named Cynthia, she told me to carry a message to you saying that she was holding down the encampment."

"Thank you" he said.


After saying quick words to the paladin he set to see what was going on. He noticed to other people have joined. One a blood elf, the other a Night elf. He saw that they were in a conversation with Laviette so he let them be for the time being. He walked a little more of the way and saw Jeramayan huddling out in the woods. 'Poor guy' Coris thought. He didn't like to see people upset so he left him there.

Coris was heading back to the inn when he felt a headache forming. Soon it grew into an enormous migrane and he flopped to the ground holding his head. He felt a pulse ring throught his whole body and he felt his body changing into it's normal form. 'No, not now. Why did it have to be now' he yelled inside his mind which only made things worse. After completely changing back he flailed in a frenzy state on the ground and then went into unconsiousness.
Lynara watched as three new people arrived, a high elf, another kaldorei,and another human. Azurara sat next to her with her head down on the table. Lynara eyed these new comers with some suspicion. "Convenient they just happen to show up after we dealt with the dark rider." She mumbled to Azurara who simply grumbled. The warrior sighed as she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, exhaustion coming over her as well. The hippogryph Feathertalon was sitting against the wall behind them. The intelligent beast looking over all three of the new comers. Lynara thought over the fight with the rider and the worgen. They had won by killing the rider, but what were they to do now? They had seemingly nothing to go on. She only hoped these new comers would be of use.
Core and Shinaria

"The Devourer, huh?" Core said, intrigued by what the Druidess told them. He had noticed her open curiosity quite easily on her face in regards of Shinaria, which didn't surprise him, many would think that Shinny was a Sin'dorei and not a Quel'dorei. "Don't be so wary of my friend here....she is not Sin'dorei, she is Quel'dorei. There is no reason to be so suspicious." he said in a reassuring tone, turning towards his friend to make sure she wasn't offended at all by what was said. Shinaria pulled down her scarf a bit so her gentle lips, which would be in the form of a gentle and warm smile, could be seen.

She turned to Coron to rest a hand on his shoulder, and it was then Core noticed a faint twinkle in her eye, that didn't happen unless there was something amusing to her "I'm going to the church to see what they might need help with and to find out the mean time, I'll leave you two to...'chat' to speak" Coron was about to ask her what she was getting at, but before he even had the chance, the Priestess was already walking.

Confused, he turned back to regard the girl before him. In his many years in life, he was taught to be watchful of many things, to be observant. He turned this into an art, reading easily pointed emotions and moves a person makes, it was like reading a book, with such skills it could tell you a lot about the person. It also helps in combat, to watch one's moves and then pin-point where a weakness would be, it was all about watching and knowing what to look for.

This wasn't the ordinary matter, of course, after Shinaria's little...'sign' as Core would take it, he grew curious. It was all very clear when he had noticed the slight change in color on the girl's face " of these days...." he thought to himself. He didn't really mind if the girl liked what she saw, in fact he felt flattered, besides....he thought the girl didn't look so bad herself, cute even, specially with her kind of height.

With the sudden silence, he quickly coughed and pulled down his mask to reveal the rest of his face "Elune-adore to you too, Lavi, it's a pleasure to meet you as well". When she had asked if Shinaria and he would be joining them in finding out what this 'Devourer' was, he glanced towards the Church and watched as Shinaria walked inside, speaking with another Priest.

He smirked, glancing back at the girl "Of course...I promised Shinaria I would help her out. She's a friend of mine, can be a royal pain in the !@#$ to, but hey, she's still a good person" he chuckled "But yes....we will be coming with you, as it will be the only way to find out how to end this horrid turn of events". He watched her for a few moments, thinking about something else they could talk about while they waited. It was then Core took a step forward, the sound of his boot crunching in snow would have been heard as he would reach over with a gentle hand to move a lose strand of hair (if any) out of the girls face "So, care to tell me how a beautiful thing like you ended up in a harsh environment like this?" he smiled warmly as he waited for her response.
Sammmuroth's ears perked up at a familiar voice, the "other" also took notice, "It can't be her, what would she be doing in a place like this." For once the druid agreed, perhaps it was just a similar voice, he looked down to see one of the newcomers heading for the church. Definitely acts like her though his curiosity getting the better of him the druid stealthed, and hopped down from the roof. Part of the druid hoped it was who he thought, but another part wanted the person to be as far away from this place as possible. He never wanted his friends put in danger, especially by being around himself, he wasn't sure what kind of powers might be waiting on this road, and he worried he might lose control of the "other." Stealthily following the robed figure, he watched as she entered the church, luckily the door had been left open just a bit, at least wide enough for him to push his way through. Those who were present in the church would most likely contribute it to the wind, the cat quickly moved away from the door, scanning the room for the figure.

He finally spotted her looking around for those to help, her back was to him, so he still couldn't see he she was. Against his better judgement he decided to sneak closer, he crawled underneath the pews of the church, steadily getting closer. He hoped no one noticed him and gave him away, if it was who he though, he would have a hard time speaking to her as it was. The druid creeped forward, being as quiet as he could, at this angle he would normally be able to see her face, but her scarf still hindered his view. Damnit, why can't things just be easy for once, he didn't want to risk getting closer, for fear of discovery, so he decided to stick around and observe hoping, to confirm his suspicions.

Shinaria followed the priest, looking down at all the villigers that suffered from the the standered flu to frostbitten parts. The Priest sighed, catching the Jailor's attention as he kneeled down by a child who had frostbite on her arms "As you can see....not many are used to the harsh environments...we have our hands full, would be useful to have a spare pair of hands, even if it was a short while". Shinaria knelt down beside the human and the child. She looked scared, rubbing her arm as if it would help remove the marks.

Gently, Shinaria reached over to take the girls arm gently in her hands, raising one hand over the marks and murmuring words of power and prayer. Her hand glowed a bright yellow, the marks slowly fading. While healing the child, she spoke to the Priest "So what else can you tell me besides recent events" she turned to look at the man, who sighed and scratched the back of his head "Not a lot, sadly...people wander into the Darkness...and few ever return....besides the Dark warrior that came, we have very little else to offer information wise..."

The Jailor nodded, turning back to the child and smiling as she completed healing the arm "There, now get warmed up before you go home, okay?" the girl nodded, stareing at her arm dumbstruck, and curious on how she managed to heal her. Standing up, she walked over to the shrine and gave a small bow, raising her hand to her chest and murmuring a small prayer before a familiar presence was felt in her mind.

Sighing and pulling down her scarf from her mouth, she spoke "You know Sam, how many times do I have to tell you that lurking in the dark when you are following a Priest is a bad're basically better off confronting them. Either way, it's good to know you're here" she chuckled, turning to where Sam was hiding with a smirk on her face.
"Damn it is her," Sammuroth could feel the "other's" rage, he had thought he was going unnoticed, but priests were notoriously hard to sneak up on, with their mental powers. The druid came out from his hiding spot, and broke his stealth, "I-I wasn't s-sure if it w-was r-really you S-Shinaria." The woman in front of him was Shinaria Sunblaze or the "Holy Jailor" to here enemies, they had traveled together quite some time ago, in search of a powerful relic of shadow. He liked to think the he and Shinaria had become friends rather quickly, they were so alike in many ways, and ever since he had met her, he had been unable to talk normally with her. His habit of stuttering when talking with women seemed to come out so much worse when he talked to the priestess, and he wasn't sure why. Sammuroth lowered his head in shame, at this problem, "I-if I m-may ask, m-m'lady, what a-are y-you doing here, a-as you h-have probably h-heard by now, this isn't e-exacly the safest p-place to be r-right now." The druid cursed his shyness, it always gave him trouble, he could hear the "other" laughing at him, " It doesn't help that she isn't so bad to look at for a mortal," Sammuroth mentally told the "other" to be quiet, the "other" laughed at him again. Unable to raise his head from the shame of his stuttering problem, he waited for her answer.

"Yeeeeeup, Sam for ya" she thought with slight annoyance at the cat's stuttering. The two had becom friends in their travels, but Shinaria never considered him much of a close friend that her sister and Aldrius. Core was a good friend to her, he was a very comforting at times when it was just fustrating, Sam....well..he was a friend, and that was all she really regarded him as. She wouldn't like, he was a good person, but at times he can get very over protective when it's not needed "I wonder how Lori handles it...." she thought to herself randomly before shaking her head.

Her face became stern, hard almost, her tone rather strict "Sam, I am not a helpless child, and that is the feeling I get when you speak to me in such manor. Do not think me weak, for it is not existant with me, I don't need someone watching over my shoulder twenty four seven unless I specifically ask them to. You shouldn't have to worry about me, you should be more worried about the current situation. If this kind of event spreads to the rest of won't be good, and I would think that it would also endangers Lori's life as well...she's your mate, isn't she? So focus on protect her by ridding these lands of this strange curse, and stop chidding me as if I'm helpless" with that, she turned sighing "I'm sorry if I come off a bit harsh, Sam, but sometimes you really need to get your head out of the clouds....again, forgive me, but that is what I feel you should do"

And with those final words, Shinaria walked off, speaking to the priest for a bit longer before wondering outside again. She caught site of Coron and the Druidess and smirke, pulling her scarf over her mouth and making her way to the Inn...until something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It seemed to be a worgen of such, passed out in the snow, probably drunk. She wouldn't be surprised if he was, who wouldn't drink in a strange event like this were the next drink could be your last?.

Shrugging, Shinaria trudged through the snow to stand over the sleeping worgen. She drew her staff from it's holder and twirled it in her hand, catching it gem stone up before lowering it to poke the worgem's head "Worgen, are you alright?" she would ask, a mixture of curiosity and amusment in her voice. If there was no response, she would murmur a spell under her breath, causing the gemstone to glow. Pressing the gemstone against the worgen's head, it would slowly seep holy magic into the worgen's body "Hopfully this will help." she muttered. She then stood there, waiting to see if the spell had done its job.
Sammuroth just stood there in a daze as Shinaria walked off, the "other" laughed at him, " Looks like you put your foot in you mouth," the druid growled, shut up, it's just my nature, to worry for others, not that you would understand that, you damned demon. Still the druid felt the need to apologize, and what was with everyone thinking he and Lori were mates, they were close yes, but as father and daughter, for that is how he considered her. He caught up to Shinaria as she was kneeling over someone, the druid could smell the scent of worgen, and based on his apparel he had to assume this was the worgen priest from earlier. "What happened to him, could his reverting to human form, cause this, or perhaps he is worn out, he has been spending a lot of time healing everyone's wounds." Mentioning injuries caused the druid to remember his own, and he winced, I guess I got clipped harder than I thought, he blocked out the pain hoping Shinaria didn't notice.

After she finished with worgen, Sam spoke up, not looking at her, to keep himself from stuttering, "Look Shinaria I am sorry, I know you are not weak, and don't need protecting. It's just how I am, if I had a choice between putting myself or others in danger I would choose myself. I deserved the harsh treatment, I guess my age has been having an effect on me, seeing so many young ones die while I live, takes a toll. I know that whatever is happening here will endanger Lori if it spreads, it will also endanger your own family, that is reason enough for you to be here. I am sorry if I come off as speaking to you like a child, it's a bad habit of my long lived life, when you have lived for over ten thousand years you tend to think everyone is a child. Anyway, my point is it was not my intention to come off that way, I just don't want to see anymore young people die."

His apology finished he moved on to another, less dire subject, " By the way, why is it that everyone thinks Lori and I are mates, not that age is a factor for Night Elves, but she is nine millenia my junior, I am going to set the record straight, Lori is like my daughter. I could never look at her in any other way, perhaps we act too close, and that is why people get confused, anyway, Lori is not my mate. Besides I doubt anyone would want to be my mate while I am stuck in this form, of course my stuttering problem doesn't help either," the druid smiled at his own self derision. "If you don't mind may stay here and keep watch over the druid with you, he worked hard during the battle, I want to make sure he is alright," Sammuroth winced again, fromthe pain in his ribs, hehe, it seems to be getting worse.

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