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"I know how that feels but does that make all horde evil?" "I had once hated them all until I relized that some of them are practically just like us"

Coris found hmself agreeing with the Druid.

"Yes your Aunt is very powerful, a little cocky, but immensley powerful, anyways we need to find her quick"

Offering his hand to Azurara to get on his mount.
"If you could find her I would be very appreciative." She said with a smile to the druid. She was curious as to why the druid was always in his cat form, but thought it would be rude to ask.

She took the worgen's hand and let herself be pulled up onto his mount. "This is much better than trudging through the cold snow." She said with a bit of a light laugh.

Feathertalon was busy feasting on a small wolf while Lynara stood on her own in the snow. She had her eyes closed and was quietly chanting to Elune, her beloved Goddess. "How could Azurara dare to trust one of their kind?" She asked herself. "How could she not understand what that girl's kind had wrought?!" She asked herself again striking a tree with her boot, causing a great deal of snow to fall from its branches. Feathertalon looked up at her before continuing to eat the dead wolf he had killed.
Sammuroth nodded to the girl, "I will do my best to find her, you two go on ahead, we will catch up once I locate your aunt." The druid then took off at a sprint in the direction he saw the woman ride off in, no idea how I am supposed ot find her aunt, but I am sure I may be able to sniff her out, or at least the hippogryph. He lifted his nose while running and sniffed the air, he smelled most obviously death, but with the battle the previous day that was to be expected, he pushed that scent to the back of his mind, and focused on the other smells. The combination of sniffing and running was doing a number on his ribs though, so it wasn't long before he had to slow down, the metallic taste of blood reached his senses. Oh, great just what I need right now, he wasn't coughing up blood, but the metallic taste told him that his ribs were worse off than he had expected. "Just put it out of your mind for now," he whispered to himself, and sniffed the air again, this time he caught a different scent. He couldn't be sure if it was who he was looking for, but it was worth checking out, he bolted off in the direction of the smell. As he neared the smell just to be safe, he stealthed, and kept to the shadows, now creeping the rest of the distance between him and the scent.

His nose had led him to a small clearing, and there he saw the hippogryph, feasting on a wolf, and not too far off he could see the Kal'dorei, who seemed to praying, and muttering to herself. Well at least I was able to find her, but what do I say to get her to come back, if her hatred towards the Sin'dorei is so strong, she won't easily come back to work together with them. He chuckled a bit, as she kicked a tree displacing, quite a bit of snow, but the problem remained, what should he say, well for now I guess I should at least enter the clearing, and hope the right words come to me. The druid in his deep thought had completely forgotten he was still stealthed, he walked into the clearing, accidentally stepping on a branch, the loud SNAP in the silence was deafening, and the druid cursed his luck, preparing for the worst.
Coris and Azurara were trudging on back to the group who were excessivley faster then he thought. He looked back and noticed Azurara was still there. 'Wow shes really light I can't even feel her' he thought riding on his horse. Looking up he noticed they were catching up to the group at a steady pace.

When he reached them he dropped hs speed and trudged along. Coris tried to break the silence by talking to Azurara. "Hey Azurara can you tell me all that happened?" he said hoping not to prod her too much
Lynara was bust brooding and hoping for Elune to give her guidance when an audible snap was heard behind her. Instant kicked in as she drew her great sword, holding it defensively as she looked for an attacker. Not seeing anyone, but seeing the broken stick she was on her guard. Someone or something had tried to sneak up on her. Feathertalon was on alert as well. His talons were fully extended and ready to shred a would be attacker to a bloody pulp. "Who is there?! Show yourself coward!" She called out. She took a deep breath and let out a mighty roar blasting the snow at her feet out in all directions, attempting to uncover any invisible foe by covering them in snow.

"Lynara my aunt was called to help defend Theramore. She didn't tell me all the details, only that they beat back the main invasion force. She was outside of Theramore for what happened next. The horde had never truly intended to take Theramore, they had planned to completely raze it. They dropped the largest mana bomb created and destroyed every living thing on the isle of Theramore." Azurara said grimly. She didn't like telling this tale. Her aunt hated talking about Theramore. She could understand why. Watching everyone in the fortress die in the blink of an eye AFTER pushing back the horde offensive.
Cors sat on his horse listening to Azurara's grave tale. 'That has to be terrible watching them all die like that' He saw on her face that she did not like to tell this tale and he couldn't blame her either. Instead Coris offered words of encouragment. "I'ts ok I think maybe if I talk to Lynara or the new druid that came with us could explain to her why their here." "But don't worry well find her she can't have gone too far right?" he asked.

At least Coris hoped they were alright. When the cat and him had been talking to Azurara he noticed that the druid winced a little. 'Is he scared of Lynara?' he asked himself. Truth be told he was a little intimidated by the warrior as well. He pushed this back to his mind and looked back at Azurara waiting for her to answer.
Sammuroth leaped back quickly to avoid the snow, he winced as he landed, and slipped in the snow, damnit, I didn't think this injury would affect me so much. The fall had caused his stealth to come undone, and fed him a mouthful of snow, he quickly spit out the snow, and while spluttering, he yelled, "H-hold good l-lady, *cough,* I mean you n-no harm, *cough* *cough* *cough.*" This is ridiculous I am just not having the best couple of days, he cursed his run of bad luck, the druid looked up at the warrior now standing over him. He smiled in self derision, "I realize this doesn't look good for me, but I assure you I was not trying to attack you, I don't know if you recognize me, but I am the cat from the battle yesterday." The druid glanced at her sword which looked ready to cleave him in two, "Ummmm, I hope you don't use that, from what I understand being sliced in half is quite unpleasant," he watched the warrior warily waiting for her next move.
Her eyes fixated upon the cat form druid. Her blade was ready to strike a killing blow, but she held her sword before sheathing it. "Don't sneak up on me again." She said, not angry or threateningly, but in a calm tone of voice. She had nothing against this druid. "Why not change back to your true form? Surely it would be easier to communicate." She said taking a few steps back and leaning against the tree. Feathertalon observed the druid before lying back down and taking a bite out of the wolf.

"Perhaps. She can be reasonable... if a bit stubborn." Azurara said. The cold air was biting at her, but her frost ward helped keep the cold back... for now.
Sammuroth sighed in relief as the warrior put her sword away, "I apologize sneaking up on you was not my intention, sometimes I get so deep in thought that I forget the little things, like being stealthed for one, it's a bad habit of mine." The druid chuckled as he gingerly got to his feet, wincing a bit as he did so, he hoped it went unnoticed. At her question the druid smiled, "If only it were that easy, believe me if I could return to my natural form I would in a heartbeat, you would be surprised how difficult it is to lead a normal life as a cat." The druid laughed at his own plight, he never really thought about how hard it had been to live normally like this, he couldn't ride any sort of mount, at least not without a lot of preparation. Finding friends, that could put up with him, and the inability to find love, what person would fall in love with a cat, the druid smiled sadly. The cat looked at the warrior, "Enough about me though, tell me good lady, what brings you out so deep into the woods, you seem sad, and angry all at the same time, a dangerous combination of emotions. I mean no disrespect, I know I am pointing out the obvious," the druid didn't want any misunderstandings like he had with Shinaria, so he chose his words carefully.

It surprised him, that he was not stuttering around this woman, maybe it was the fact, that she wasn't really looking at him, or was it something else, whatever the reason he was grateful for it. He didn't want to show what could be taken as weakness, and his stuttering could be viewed as disrespectful, and he needed to diffuse this situation with the warrior as quickly as possible.
"Oh? Why is it so difficult? You druids can shift your forms on will. I know quite well that shifting from an animal form to your true form should be as easy as breathing." She said while shifting from one leg to another. Feathertalon ripped out a great chunk of meat squawking contently. He then looked at the druid.

"I needed to get away before I did something I regretted. It as nothing to do with that Sin'dorei. I could not become a monster in the eyes of my niece. She is like the daughter I lost." She said while a tear formed in her eye. As she spoke about her niece she turned her hands in a cradling motion as it holding an infant in them.

"It must have been awful. I do not know how she does what she does sometimes. I wish my mother was here in all this. She could talk sense into my aunt. Or at least have calmed her down." Azurara said while still holding on to the worgen. "Where are we even going?" She asked.
Coris looked around the silent group but even he didn't know where they were going. "I'm not sure, but Jeramayan seems so intent on getting wherever he is going theres no point but to follow him." he said dodging the statement she made earlier. Whatever happaned to her mom she might not want to talk about. As Azurara held on to him even longer he felt a little embareced. "I wonder what's taking the druid so long" he said trying to change the subject.

In a matter of fact he was worried about the druid. Lynara was emotionally unstable at the moment. He felt like tapping into the druid's mind to see what was going on but he neglected to learn the druids name. 'I'm sure hes fine' Coris reasured to himself.
Setting aside her question, on his inability to shift back to his natural form, he watched the woman become engulfed in sadness, at the loss of her daughter. "There has been far too much death, so many families destroyed, and for what, because neither side can put aside their old grudges. People like Varian Wrynn, and Garrosh Hellscream, have no right to rule anything, they are so consumed by hatred with one another, they cannot see the pain their war causes. The Horde attacks, and kills, the the Alliance retaliates, it's a vicious cycle that has no winner at the end, because those that are lost can never be returned. This war has left too many families broken, I had hoped after the threat of Deathwing had passed, people would see the benefits of coexistence, but Garrosh, and Varian, are too war hungry to see that they are the ones that allow evil to fester on Azeroth. I do not know the pain of losing a child, no one would fall in love with a cat after all, but I do know the pain of losing everyone you love. I have no blood family left, all were killed ten thousand years ago, the sadness and despair I felt then, is probably much like what you feel now, I felt as though I didn't want to go on."

The druid paused and sighed, "The only thing that had kept me going for ten thousand years, was a promise I made to my sister, a very tenuous thing to hold onto, some might even say a worthless thing to hold onto. Now I have someone who is like a daughter to me, that I fight for, that keeps me going, I know it is hard, but we must look to the here and now, and to the future. You still have those that depend on you I assume, more children, and your niece, one day I expect Lori to not need me anymore and move on, and leave me alone once more, but you, children always depend on their parents no matter their age. They always need your love, and kindness, that's the bond of family, unconditional love, remember those you have lost, keep them in your heart, but don't let the sadness blind you to the people you still have. I am sure my words bring you little if any comfort, I advocate peace between the nations, but your anger at the Blood Elves is justified, but vengeance only breeds more vengeance, the vicious cycle of war will only subside, if we can learn to forgive, no matter how hard it may be to do so. That is just an old cat's opinion though, and I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, besides I am sure you are thinking what does he know of my pain, I assure you I have experienced pain that no person should have to experience, but that story, like the one about my being in my cat form, is for another time, if my words haven't so alienated you that you don't want to be near me, believe me it wouldn't be the first time."

The cat's eyes reflected his deep sadness, sadness for his own pain, but also sadness for the pain others experience, and sadness at being always seeming to drive away the people around him. " I am sorry for what you have experienced dear lady, but I came out here because your niece is worried about you, and we could really use your strength against whatever is causing the events here in Duskwood. The others have already left Darkshire, your niece among them, I assume you came with her to protect her, set aside your anger for now, and focus on what could possibly threaten all of Azeroth. Keep an eye on the Blood Elf if you wish, but for now our best possibility for success is to work together...." The druid coughed violently, blood finally coming up, the druid smiled, "Damn I guess my injuries were worse than I thought," he coughed up more blood, "the others went after the Dark Riders, if you hurry you can catch up to them, but I think I will just take a little nap." The cat collapsed, blood flowing out of his mouth, his damaged ribs had finally caught up to him, before he passed out he though, I really shouldn't have been so stubborn, despite how angry she was with me I am sure Shinaria would have taken care of me, well hindsight is always twenty, twenty, but this time my stubborness may have gotten me killed.
"When the demons invaded they destroyed my entire village. Less than one hundred of us actually escaped the slaughter. Among the dead were my parents and brother. My sister and I were the only ones we had. We kept each other going in those times." She said before letting out a deep sigh.

"My daughters Reyara and Ithalia are both over two thousand years old. They have their own lives. My youngest... she was killed by the orcs during their first invasion of our lands. She was part of the army that was with Cenarius. Now mighty Cenarius has returned... but my daughter is gone forever. Those monsters beheaded her and hung her body from a tree. I am sure one of the brutes probably used her head as a trophy. I can never forgive them. They will only ever by my enemy. The monsters who stole my youngest daughter from me." she said. Her eyes closed as she head hung low.

"I can never let go of my emotions, my rage. They are a part of me. They are born within my heart." She said touching her chest right over her heart. "My heart fuels them into my arms. My arms guide my blade, and my blade delivers death and justice swift and true." she said firmly. Then the cat druid began coughing up blood. He commented on his injuries. "By Elune!" she said as she ran over to him. "Feathertalon grab him we need to find that priest!" She said. Feathertalon nodded and picked up the unconscious druid. Lynara jumped onto his back and they took off. "I will be able to find them quicker from the air." she said to herself. The druid was safely held in Feathertalon's grip.

"Perhaps but it would be nice to know to be able to prepare!" She said a bit louder than she meant.
Even unconscious Sammuroth was not safe from the "other" "Why do you care so much about this woman, about anyone for that matter, do you think if you try hard enough someone will fall in love with you. What woman would want to be tied to a cat, hehehe the the druid's mental self growled, it has nothing to do with that, I have known that for a long time now, I can never find anyone who will love me in this form, and have accepted it. I care because unlike you I have a heart, the Voice laughed, "Oh, I have a heart it's just black, don't you realize this compassion you show others just holds you back, if you cared more about yourself you wouldn't be in the situation you are in now." The cat growled, compassion is not a weakness, neither is empathy, the druid could sense the other smile in realization, "Ah, so that's it, you see some of yourself in her. You think that the two of you have been through similar experiences, and because of that perhaps she can understand you, maybe even help you. Hahaha, what a fool, she only cares about her own pain, in fact the only reason she is saving you now is because she thinks you may be useful to her later, not some silly emotion like compassion."

The druid sighed, maybe, maybe not, but regardless she is helping me, and no matter the motives it shows some sense of compassion, meaning that even through her anger, she still has the ability to forgive, not matter what she says. This time the Voice sighed, " Have you not realized not everyone is as strong in that regard as you, not everyone can set aside their anger and hatred, and forgive, I saw that ability in you, and that is why I chose you, I wanted the joy of corrupting that light in your heart. You need to realize not everyone can be saved from their dark emotions, sometimes people embrace those emotions, and use them for power, and those people are beyond your ability to save." The cat shook it's head, if one looked at his physical body they would see his face scrunched up in both pain, and denial. No one is beyond redemption, nor beyond saving, some are just harder to save than others, I will not lose hope in people, I can't, the "other" laughed. "You are still holding on to that promise you made to your sister, that promise holds you back, and keeps you in the past, didn't you just tell that warrior to look to the here and now, and yet you still hold onto the past. Don't you think you have more than kept that promise by now, or do you just enjoy being a hypocrite," the druid roared in his mind, tears flowed from the cat's physical eyes. You have no right to even speak about Moriana with your filthy tongue, that promise keeps me looking to the here and now, and not being consumed by the pain of my past, that promise keeps you at bay.

The Voice chuckled, "You don't need to remind me of that, but those tears in your eyes tell me you know I am right, your hopes are crumbling around you, your hopes of peace, your hopes of Lori being your daughter, and probably most importantly your hopes of ever having a family of your own. When those hope finally disappear I will be there to corrupt you the rest of the way, and turn you into one of the greatest minions the Burning Legion has ever known, heheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The "other" retreated to the depths of the druid's mind, leaving the druid, in more pain than any physical injury could cause, tears rained down from the cat's physical eyes, most likely unnoticed by anyone, or anything.
Her grin widened when he actually looked to his friend for permission. The thought that they were perhaps mates was quickly banished from her thoughts. Quel’dorei or not, such a pairing would be quite frowned upon in their society; although she couldn’t say she really knew what position the druids of the Talon held on the matter. It was quite possible they didn’t care. ”Corebutt.” She snickered, glancing away to casually cough in to her shoulder, acting as though the moment of mirth hadn’t overcome her.
"I'll go on my Winged two have fun." Her grin widened and a flutter ran through her stomach, realizing that he actually was going to be riding with her. He took her hand, and she grasped her fingers around him, easily supporting the majority of his weight as she helped him up and behind her.

His warm chest and torso pressed against her back, heating her skin even through the thick leather armour. Her face darkened slightly and she shifted forward to give him more room as he wrapped his arms around her. It felt so strange riding with another person. It wasn’t as though she’d never done it before, but... Well, she certainly had never before ridden with another of her race, and it felt strange to be the shorter person in the saddle; and by so much! She’d recognized that he had been much taller than her, but she hadn’t thought it was by this much.

”So, Corebutt,” She grinned, tilting her head to the side slightly so he could hear her better. It felt a little strange talking to someone she couldn’t face, although her and Althmyst did it so often while they were flying that is shouldn’t have been that much of a difference. ”How’d you sleep last night?” As she waited for his answer, her body began to relax noticeably. Her back loosened from its rigid position, and she slowly sunk back into his chest, not putting so much weight on him so that they’d fall off the horse, but enough for it to be a noticeable difference from before. Dark purple coloured her normally light-toned skin. ”I would like to thank you for paying for my accommodations, it was very kind of you.” Her body turned some more, so she could glance at him from over her shoulder. When her gaze met nothing but his leather armour, she was forced to tilt her head back slightly to look up at him, a shy smile on her lips.
Lynara urged Feathertalon to fly faster as he swooped down below the tree line flying just above the ground. “There are their tracks!” He shouted as he adjusted his direction of flight to follow the tracks flying back above the trees. “Hang in there druid.” She said as she kept her eyes searching the gaps in the trees for any indication of the group. “Where are those people? If he doesn’t get aid soon he won’t make it!” She said out loud. Then Feathertalon swooped down under the canopy of the forest “There they are!” Feathertalon called out as they came up behind the group, barely slowing down in time.

Lynara shouted out “He is injured quickly someone who can mead injuries get over here!”

Azurara turned around “Aunt Lynara! What happened?!” She asked.

“He collapsed! I do not know how long he has been injured, but it finally got to him!” She replied. Feathertalon was still holding Sammuroth protectively.
"STEP ASIDE NOW!" roared Coris. Light he knew something was wrong with the druid. At first he thought that it was just that he was terrified of Lynara. Wait a minute. 'Do I see blood' he thought. "Lynara what did you do!" he roared. He would deal with her later though the druid needed attention. He grabbed the druid from Feathertalon's grasp and felt around him.' There were no gouges or anything showing that he had visible damage. 'Or maybe' he thought with pursed snout.

Coris reached into the druids mind nw given that Coris was in contact so he was able to. Coris searched his vital signs. 'Uh it's just as I feared' he thought angrily. "Sorry Lynara" he muttered under his breath.

Calling over to Jeremayan to stop he added. "I need to get him to somewhere steril" he called.

Core smiled, looking down to catch the woman's shy smile. "I slept well, thank you...well...unless you count Shinaria's sleep rants 'peaceful'..." he would smirk remembering how the Priestess had been obviously having an argument with her sister in her head...something about fruit..or some kind of dessert, he couldn't remember. Shaking his had, he looked down to study the woman's face again. Her skin looked soft, silky, he wouldn't have guessed the woman to be the one to follow the Claw, then again he was never the one to really judge unless it came to such. Her features were youthful, like most of the women of her race, she was beautiful, cute, he wouldn't mind to have her for a mate any day.

"Now now, Core..." whispered a voice in his head "There is time to think of that later, not when she is nearly to PRACTICALLY sitting on your lap!". The Talon grumbled mentally and shook his head once more, gently, to avoid suspicion. He felt her place a bit of her weight onto his chest and smirked "As for your room, it was no problem, I was happy to pay for them..." he would looking towards the road, catching the site of Shinaria taking to the skies on her Winged Guardian "You know...if you want to lean against me, it's fine, I won't fall off" he chuckled, drumming his fingers gently against the woman's waist.


A weary sigh escaped the Jailor's lips as she leaned forward in the saddle of her Winged Guardian, watching the snow covered forests below. She had caught site of the woman from earlier, the Kaldorei warrioress, her niece, the sleeping man from last night, and a large white cat. "Looks like Sam is taking risks again....seems to be a thing with him. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself killed from it" she thought to herself with slight annoyance before steering her Guardian towards the group.

It would have landed with a heavy and loud Thud, sending bits of snow flying everywhere. She had landed just in time to hear the man say something about 'getting him somewhere sterile'. Growling, she would have hopped off her mount and walked over to the man, drawing her staff and raising her hand "No! You are not going anywhere. A wound like this is an easy fix if you focused long enough!" she said.

She wasn't trying to hide that she was annoyed that Sam never mentioned anything about being wounded, then she would have forgiven him and healed him. But, no, he just HHHADD to keep it a secret just because he didn't want anyone to worry, Idiot!. She would have shooed away the man and pull out her tome, flipping through the pages to find a Greater heal that would cure infections as well as heal the wound. She found it, read over it, and then shut the tome and let it hang by her side.

Shinaria then raised her staff, also raising her left hand to her chest and bowing her head, her eyes closing. It was then she began to sing what seemed to be a hymn of sorts, her voice musical and soft, it would echo through the eerie forests "Meehhaahhhhwwooohh...mmeehhhaahhwoooh...shhhhhhheeee ma'neeeeeeehhh nah'rooooo...." wisps of light began to swirl around her form and slowly create a ball of light near the crystal of her staff "....hhhhhhheeeeeeee moorreeehh'seeeee.....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooorrrrrr....heee...moreehh'see.....nooorrr." The hymn finished and the spell ready, she would lower her staff to point at Sam, the ball of light surging forward and engulfing the cat's form. What ever wound ailed him would now have been healed.

The Jailor would have turned an angry glare on the man, a glare that pretty much said 'Start talking. Or else...'
Coris looked at the other priest. "But he needs major attention." He looked at the druid again. He seemed to be completely healed again. He snorted and laughed a little. "Ok ok, I'm sorry I just..." he took a little breath. "Before I came to the light I used to do it you know the old fashioned way, with herbs and surgery." He smirked and looked off to the side saying. "I guess old habits die hard."

He looked up at the priest again. "I'm sorry I guess we got off at the wrong foot" he looked off to the side seeing everyone else around. "My name is Coris Amberflame." He saw the priest a little closer and noticed she was a Blood elf. He couldn't think of where she was from though. Cenarion circle.... Argent Crusade? "And who are you?"
Deep in the swamp, an alligator feasted on his catch. The simple compulsion to sustain himself drove him to gorge, the instinct was powerful, but sometimes curiosity can overpower the most primal of urges. As he chewed on his quarry’s flesh, his eyes were drawn to a distortion in the foliage. As his small mind tried to comprehend what was happening, distortion grew, sparks flying from its edges, as it filled the creature’s sights. As the distortion stopped growing in began to shimmer. As the shimmer grew in fervor, the portal discouraged a large orc carrying a wicked hook great axe.

The orc was a ugly squat creature, piercings and tattoos covered nearly all the sallow
creatures green skin. The short stocky creature was covered head to toe in black and deep purple plate mail. The orc scanned his surrounds and then turned towards the distortion and let out a fierce war cry that made the alligator scramble for cover. Behind him row after row of similar armored men and woman followed. Elves, men, tauren, trolls, representatives from all the sentient races were scattered through the ranks of warriors. Following the warriors, were men robes in deep purple, aura’s of power shimmered around them as the moved with deadly purpose. Slowly they the column of mortals wound their way east, leaving the swamp behind and heading for the mountains.


Atop the mountain pass, the Dark rider stood motionless as a statue. With calculating eyes he observed the rows and rows of mortals marching to their doom. He cared not for the grand machinations of the master, he had slaughtered his was across the continent of Azeroth for decades. Once he was an orc, in a time before memory. It was his own master who had killed him and attached his soul into the corpse of a man defending his country. From that day on all he knew was suffering, and how to inflict it upon others. Countless souls he and his brethren had stolen, and he would take those of these fools as well. Wheeling on his black steed, The rider let out a screech and returned to his “master.”


The master sat in his sanctum watching through the eyes of the rider as the column of mortals wound their way to his home. Soon they would be upon him, and soon phase two would begin. For some years he had resided in the home of the last guardian. Much had he learned from the tomes that lay strewn through the abandoned keep. It was here where he first made contact with the dark riders. They had tried to slay him at first, but he bested there leader in combat and earned there grudging respect. Together they formed a loose agreement, where they would serve him, and he would allow them to sat there never ending hunger. It was also here that the Dark One had first reached out to him. It was just a whisper, but the whisper enthralled him. It showed him power, glory, and the never ending darkness that was to come. When some would have shied away, he embraced the darkness. He would be the herald of doom for this world.


Whether or not they kept hold of Karazhan was irrelevant. He had taken all he had needed from the place. Knowledge and power were abundant here, and some day he would return to claim it all. Quickly he stood and made his way through the winding corridors to a large mess hall of sorts. Where his minions sat waiting his orders. In a booming voice the master spoke to the assembled. “Today the first phase in our mission is over! Soon the second step to freeing the devourer will be complete. The so called disciples of madness have come to reclaim their prized artifact, we shall not let that happen, prepare yourselves my subject, protect the cube with your lives, if u succeed the devourer will exalt you beyond mortal comprehension, fail and suffering shall be yours eternal!” A lusty roar of approval echoed from the massed, quickly they dispatched themselves to the armory in preparation.

With the troops rallied, the master made his way to the cube, it was almost fully charged, but there were still a few more soles to steal! Reaching into his robes he grasped a purple sphere and reached out to his second, orders must be sent.


A man dressed in black wound his way through a series of tunnel. Every so often he would past a group of walking corpses going about their task. Mindlessly the enslaved dead dug. Some dug down; others were digging out widening the tunnels. Every once in a while, the man passed similarly garbed overseers diligently inspecting the drudges. Smiling the man thought to himself, “Much more efficient then when they were alive. Then they needed food, sleep, and rest, now they will work endlessly.” The man chuckled softly

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