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What i think blizzard should do for their older players, the ones that have been playing from the beginning is to make servers just for classic, and or burning crusade expansions. All the features they had back in those expansion, mount level dungoen finder gone the battle grounds, the classes and the level cap for those expansions. I would switch back and forth between those for entertainment. Alot of people miss those days and the challenges they brought. Please give this consideration.

-Sincerly Kyürem
Yeah good luck with that. Blizzard have more important things to be spending there time on.
Players will use it for 5 minutes before realizing how much they're missing out on compared to live servers and just go back... there is honestly nothing so special there apart from memories and nostalgia.
well its just a thought, and i think people will grow to appreciate it. And besides blizzard wants feedback of what they think about the game. I personaly would love that idea because it will bring back memories. And nothing is better than good memories.
You are tripping
I would much rather they just made Australian based servers lol.
I think people forget how annoying many of the things in Vanilla/BC were and what a PITA grindfest everything was. The game has moved on. Time everyone else did too.
I'll second that! I really miss the vanilla days. I was just more fun.

If there was an actual vanilla server I'd likely never get tired of it.

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