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Currently Recruiting
2 DPS for our 10 man group. (Prefer melee but ranged will work.)
1 healer (prefer resto shaman or druid but any class will work)
LF all specs to rotate every other week.
Raid times for this group are Tues/Mon at 7pm server time.

We are looking for any players who are not jerks. All levels, play styles, and play abilities are welcome. Unless it's a jerk-ish level, play style, or play ability...

Any and all classes/specs/roles who wish to form a second raid group

Any and all PvPers who wish to make an RBG group

We offer:
  • Level 25 guild perks
  • Guild repairs for all ranks.
  • Ventrilo server
  • Enchants and Flasks for raiders

  • Deeps More Deeping is a guild made for and by fans of The Daily Blink. For those that don't know, The Daily Blink is a webcomic about WoW, feel free to Google and fall in love. :P

    DMD was founded on June 2, 2011 but recently transferred to Stormreaver from Smolderthorn. Anyone who has played on Smolderthorn knows why. Lol. It is a dying server. While we were on Smolderthorn, we didn't raid all that much due to a lackluster focus but we did have fun. Grouping together, running old raids/mount runs, and just enjoying each others company. Since the transfer, some members have decided to remain on Smolderthorn, move on to other games, or just wait until Mists of Pandaria is released to get back into World of Warcraft.

    Our guild policy is here: http://www.thedailyblink.com/forum/discussion/661/deeps-more-deeping-official-policies-please-read/p1
    (For those who don't wish to go to the site to read it, below are the most important bits.)
  • When in doubt, Wheaton’s Law is always in effect.
  • If your idea of fun is ruining the fun for others, you have joined the wrong guild.
  • Creating a hostile environment for guildmates or other players will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Threats or harassment in guild chat, VOIP, whispers, in game mail, instant messaging, guild forums, etc.
  • Sharing of personal information of others without permission (including IM names, RealID addresses, real names, etc.)
  • Humiliation, shaming, or bullying other players
  • Offensive slurs or hateful speech in any context
  • Not respecting the wishes of others (Players wishing to level/dungeon alone, continuing to /tell players when they do not wish to be disturbed, asking for gear/mats/gold after someone has said no)
  • Airing grievances and complaints about guild matters or other players in a disruptive or otherwise unecessary manner
  • Condoning bad behavior through silence or active encouragement is wrong. Not standing up for your fellow guildmates when given the opportunity is frowned upon. HOWEVER: ‘Witch hunts’ and accusations without reason or evidence will not be tolerated. Do not go looking for trouble! We trust our guild members to know the difference between preventing a problem and becoming a problem.

  • Our officers in game are:
    Fuzztastic [QQuasars#1396]

    Our veterans/raiders (people who can invite or answer questions other than officers) are:

    Please, look us up if you're interested, ask any questions you may have, and join!
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