Can't DL/Connect (Students Pt. 4)

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This is a really small world, After sending trace routs to Blizz, it clearly indicated issues with the ports being blocked off at Bentley due to the BitTorrent. I play on Velen, with some alts on Terenas. A soon as I log in and get to the load screen, I insta DC at 90% or as soon as im logged in. I also called Bentley client services and was told they have been looking into it and have received many complaints.
"The Peer-to-Peer Transfer method that you're referring to is only used for downloading the game or its patches, and it can be easily disabled from the Options menu of the World of Warcraft launcher. If you have the most up to date version of the game, this is not what's blocking you from logging in."

Received this from a GM today, has anyone at Bentley tried this and checked to see if it's working? Or if all ports are being blocked?
So i recontacted my help desk at the university of memphis once again, this time listing all of WoWs and and blizzards downloader ports. They claim that none of the ports are locked, wtf blizzard?
To add to the situation, I've attempted to block off the P2P situation on start up and im still getting dc'ed meaning Bentley is blocking off multiple ports that are needed
Still having issues here.

Can we get a blue to acknowledge at least that this is an issues?

Maybe tell us specifically what ports are schools should look at making sure are clear?
After several attempts, i either dc or actually can log in. Though when i attempt to queue or enter any load screen, I will always DC at 90%. At this point its nearly impossible to relog
I've been wanting to buy MoP but the issue still isnt resolve here in the Philippines using sky cable broadband its been over a month already what is happening to blizzard? in my previous years of staying with wow this is the first time that blizzard actually didn't fix a connectivity issue
It's entirely possible that there is a problem with your connection somewhere between your ISP and us, which would mean your ISP needs to check into it to fix it up.

a reply from blizzard custcare
It has been over a week now for me. I'm at UC Santa Cruz and I spoke to the admin and they said that there is nothing they can really do about the situation. This is really frustrating, especially because I still have hours that I paid for until late October. Not the mention I bought the expansion for no reason. So thank you Blizzard, for stealing a month's worth of my money and not being any help to the situation.
Still having issues here.

Can we get a blue to acknowledge at least that this is an issues?

Maybe tell us specifically what ports are schools should look at making sure are clear?

If you read through these forums. You will notice that there has been blue acknowledgment.

and the ports the schools should look into are 6881-6999. If you would have read through all four posts. You would know this.

EDI: The only reason I'm 87 is thank to smoothping.
any of you guys tried pingzapper?
Appears that realms are down. Stuck on connecting. I am not at a school. Finally logged in after leaving it and it just shows all my realms offline. But, I cannot change realm. Sounds like a blizz issue.
Im stuck at "Connecting" and have been for the last hour...
bliding hallow
All times
Eastern Standard
I am on Bleeding Hollow
Im in the Jade forest
I am trying to connect... now
I'm on Maelstrom, stuck on "Connecting" and have been for like an hour. Anyone know what's going on?
It seems, my fellow students, that some some "clever" hacker has decided to take a shot at Blizzard.
Wow,,this is truely amazing! Did you know that you can do other stuff on these wow gaming stations? Like serf the internet,,listen to live streaming radio,,or even ply solitary??? I thought they made these just for WoW. I never knew for $1200 i would get all this other stuff too! Thank you soo much Bliz for allowing the login crash or i never would have discovered this whole new world! I feel so impowered.....
Oh wait,,thats just gas,,I want my Wow!!
half hour after realm was restarted and continuing to try
pacific time zone
Kirin Tor
Every 5 -10 mins
whats up still having the prob are they still down

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