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I ran WoW and it told me I had to do the optimization, I agreed to it and it brings up the screen where it stays at 0%, which is not the issue, the issue is it keeps giving me an error message and apparently does nothing afterwards, it says;

"Failed to download a required update. Please check your internet connection and try again."

My internet connection was working fine however..
After I got this message I left my computer on for many hours and even over night to see if maybe it would eventually work, but nothing happened.

I am using a 64 bit Windows 7 machine, my friend whom I play with and live with also has a 64 bit Windows 7 machine and they turned WoW on and started the optimization and seen the 0% screen but then walked away(so they don't really know what happened after), and when they came back maybe 7 hours later everything was finished and WoW was ready to play, so I do not know why I am having this issue with practically the same setup and on the same internet connection.

I followed the suggested steps of turning the router/modem off and on, connecting the computer directly to the router, I turned off the firewall and such, I have ran WoW as the administrator, and still I get the same error.

This is frustrating, what should I do now? I tried to search for this problem but mostly can only pull up people complaining about it saying it is at 0% for hours, but then jumps up to complete suddenly.
I also seen someone suggest to delete folders, but such a thing does not appear on my computer for me to delete.
After my last post I seen a post from Blizzard stating the folder was hidden, so I looked up how to see hidden files and I deleted it successfully.... But it did not cause the WoW optimizer to work!!
Please Blizzard fix this issue!
Same problem here.
I have the same issue too. Can't play WoW until it is fixed...
Same problem, I'm on a 10.6 Mac OS X. Sometimes it also just stops at "Reconfiguring game files. Please wait" and won't budge for hours..
The only fix that worked for me and trust me I tried every single one of them, was downloading it directly from the website. The install disk will not by pass the optimizer only the online download does.
i also have the same issue. the optimization gets to 1 % then stops. does anyone have a solution to the problem if not blizzard please fix it
Same issue just posted a thread about it... ISO HELP!
I have the same issue ...been 3 days now and I have
tried everythang
Hey ya'll! i was expereincing the same thing... but! mine started working after i 1. deleted folders and 2. updated video card. it still takes like 7 or 8 hours to download but it worked! mines currrently at 58% after 5 hours.
I finally just got beyond the optimizer.
I was in the same situation as Kieara, but after my last posts I ran the background downloaded and it downloaded something and I was hoping it would fix my problem somehow, but after it finished and I ran WoW, I still had the same issue where it said to check my internet.

After that I noticed WoW had 2 temp folders to do with the optimizing while it was open and wondered if this was some kind of glitch causing the problem since I thought it was only supposed to have 1 temp folder, so I deleted both temp folders, also I deleted the folder again, and also I went into the world of warcraft folder and moved the data folder onto the desktop.

After all of that I ran WoW as the administrator and walked away to give it time to see if anything changed, I just came back to check on it and the optimizer screen was gone and it is now downloading the patch I assume which is around 19.6GB.

Hopefully after this download my game works fine, I still have the data folder on the desktop and don't know if I should delete it or what because I see that the data folder has been replaced already in the world of warcraft folder.
glad im not the only person with the retarded problem
I think I have the same problem. It's the WOW optimization window, and it says reconfiguring game files please wait. but it just stays at 0%. I'm pretty new to WOW, but it's killing me to not be able to play! HELP!
If it just stays at 0% that is seemingly normal since Blizzard has messed up this recent patch, many people including Blizz is saying the downloader will say 0% for the whole time and then jump up to 100% suddenly when it finishes.
As long as you have no errors popping up it should be working, I wouldn't get concerned unless it stayed at 0% for like 3 hours and did nothing.
The file is hidden. Make sure you have show hidden files and directories checked. I just deleted mine and im starting to download it.
i placed a ticket 2 days ago, with no response. also tried calling direct, and they were not taking any more calls. seriously? not cool. i love this game, but i am getting beyond pissed that no one will walk me through this bullsh*t. i can't play my freaking game!!!
OMG I am also having the same problem!!! Blizzard!!! wtf man I am paying to play this game!! Can you please please please fix this problem or offer a solution that works?? I am so pissed I have not been able to play for the last 3 days, I spent like 5 plus hours of my day today trying to get the optimization to work.. I am having the same problem as the others where it just gets stuck at 1 percent and I get the error message "Failed to download a required update. Please check your internet connection and try again." My internet connection is fine however!!

OK so now whenever I try to run the optimization, my computer loses internet access and an error message appears at the bottom of my screen that says "limited connectivity". When this happens I unplug my cable modem and router for a minute and reset it, after I do this my internet connection is fine again, but then I try to run the WoW optimization program again (which WoW forces me to do if I try to play mind you) and I again lose internet access and have limited connectivity until I reset the modem once more. This happened 4 times in a row so I gave up trying... if I use the internet for anything else such as the web, my connection is fine and I never lose the internet connection
I'm having the same problem. It's been at 0% for about one hour? AHHHH

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