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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Instability is looking for social members. The guild has a good social calendar, including older content, PvP and raiding. We're not interested in racing to level 90 this expansion but would rather enjoy the journey at a leisurely pace. If you're looking for good company while you level in Mists of Pandaria, then we could be the guild for you.

Despite its name, Instability has four years of stable experience as a guild. We hold a commitment to politeness and respect for our fellow guild mates. If you like to swear, ninja loot or troll trade chat then move along, this is not the guild you’re looking for. If a sociable but serious guild that loves killing pixels with ruthless efficiency appeals, then this may be the guild you’re seeking.

At the time of writing, Instability is a level 25 guild, uses Ventrillo for communication and is working toward all the useful achievements.

Contact Mendem, Tamarin, Rinmax or Casterclaw in game or apply via our website www.instability-guild.enjin.com. When creating an Enjin account for submitting an application, please use your main character name name as the account name.

All classes are welcome to apply.

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