Narcotic Anonymous 10 mans/2 nights

Guild Name: Narcotics Anonymous

Realm: (H)Zul'Jin, PvE

Progression: T11 13/13HM, T12 7/7 HM, T13 8/8 HM

Raid Times: Monday / Tuesday. 19:00 to 23:00 (Eastern GMT-5)


Brief Introduction:

Narcotics Anonymous is a newly formed group mainly formed of Relentless Onslaught players (Wotlk / Early Cataclysm) Zul'Jin's top guild. We are well known players used to raid at a very high level. We felt there was no roster worth joining it on a 2 nights / week on the realm.

We are looking for very competent raiders, we do ask a to our raiders... be versatile (able to play an OS as good as a MS). be fast learners in raid environment, cannot wait for you to pull 15 times to understand a mechanics do their homework out of the raid times, Raid strategy are up on the forums weeks before we pull a boss. Be prepared. maintain near 100% attendance and post on the forums if missing. take criticsim as a source of motivation. understand we roll a roster of 11 players extremly competent, we do get a first kill with the best raid composition available, W/E it is.

What we are looking for:

Roster complete as we speak.
NA is always looking for exeptionnal applicant.

Current roster, tremble!

DK Tank - Dkwut
Warrior / Monk Tank - Uchirosan

Holy Paladin - Spazter
Resto Shaman - Bhalls
Nolife Resto /Boomkin / Cat Druid - Twlnz

Hunter - Perdri
Spriest - Doomhealer
Warlock - Salvas
Mage - Cheddarbomb

Enh / Ele Shaman - Commrad
Frost / Unholy - (Hidden due to actual guild he is in)
Arms / Fury - Sephirots (casual)

Contact Us:

Online: Bhalls or Hashpype
RealID / Battletag: or Bhals#1738

Thanks for taking NA in consideration,
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