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Guild Recruitment
Merely a Setback is a level 70 guild on Draka currently looking for recruits to help fill our roster. As far as gem and enchants go we only allow burning crusade gems and enchants in raid, however when you're out of raid you can wear whatever you like. Glyphs on the other hand we do allow minor ones considering most are cosmetic. Right now we need tanks and dps to help progress through SSC and TK. We are 3/4 in TK and have yet to start on SSC due to some problems that the guild had for a short while, but now they're taken care of. Let me know if you have any questions about the guild and ask any officers if you happen to see any online.
Im interested.

However ill be looking to xfer after i complete my glaive set, hopefully it wont be long.

Some quick facts:

Plenty of BC raiding exp with most content cleared pre nerf in BC (patch 2.3 something i think it was).

Ive been a hardcore raider since vanilla, being in the top 5 guilds of the server agamaggan, until i moved to dath for 3.1 in which i raided hard core until ICC in which i ran my own 25 man pugs. We cleared 6/12 every week pre nerf. In cata ive raided semi hardcore, clearing normal content within 2-3 months of release of the new raid zones, in DS we started our heroic progression at 5% nerf and eventually got to 5/8 at 30% (could have easily had it at 15% or so but i retiredfrom raiding and thus joined the occasional guild run)

I have exp in a variety of classes and specs, playing each role seriously for atleast a full expac (DPS for van and BC, tank for wotlk and healer for cata).

Have all required reps to be competent at exalted (i.e scryers, and cenarion for head chants). Currently have 45 BC flasks in stock aswell so i have ample supply.

Have all the gems in inv required to convert to dull BC gems if needed.

Once i can be bothered ill power lvl my profs.

Check me out on armory for any further details, or reply in thread.
I forgot to post in my thread. I found your website through a Google search and I put in an application yesterday.
(can't delete post because I have only 15 minutes to -.-)
Anyone can join, however since we have not cleared sunwell or Black temple yet, you cannot use any gear from those zones(or any gear of that Ilevel equivalent).
Nah dont worry then. im not gonna farm a bunch of low lvl gear.

thx anyway

edit: i miht re apply when youve cleared swp if i dont join a further progressed guild by then.
I doubt we will, the problem is most 70 guilds don't use our ruleset.(IE no glyphs, gems past BC, etc.)
Raids are friday and tuesday

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