lf serious raid group for MoP! Monk Reroll

hi will be rerolling Monk for MoP! im looking for a serious guild that has a core postition open. i can hit level 90 by the release of raid content. i dont care what spec i am but i plan to min/max as much as possible. my play style is very unique then other players. when it comes to raids i do what is best for the group. for example i normally play a spriest so if needed i will hymn shoot out some heals and im also a really good soaker. im very aware of whats going on in raids and i am quick to action when it comes to applying a name to avator through vent/mumble. i can raid sun/mon/tues/weds/thurs 6pm-1am PST. i would like a well organized group that wants to down content before it gets nerfed, keep in mind my mindset is server firsting but who am i kidding. i consider myself a break player and a exceptional asset to any raid group.
any further questions contact me at

some facts:
20yrs old
playing wow for 6 years not at a competitive PvE level but i know i can with the right people
clean Ui
spells keybinded
very aware of everything in boss fights
when critisized by raid leader i fix the problem no questions asked
Strictly Business of Tichondrius (PvP) is currently recruiting for its two 10 man raid teams. In addition, our rBG teams will always be seeking exceptional PvP players.

What Strictly Business is about!

Strictly Business is a raiding guild based on Tichondrius alliance. To be quite honest we're a fairly new guild, about 10 months old! We have always raided fairly casual, back when we started we ran one 10 man, raided 8 hours a week, and we were on front page WoW progress. Once the nerds came in february we decided to take a break. Now about 2 months ago I decided to reform what we called a raiding guild. Now back in action we are running two 10 man teams, and plan to cycle 2-3 rBG teams. Our raid teams plan to push some of the best progress on server.

What we acquire in a individual.

Strictly Business is wanting to become one of the top notch guilds on Tichondrius, to do so we preach attendance, going into the raid and getting it done. Over at Strictly Business we try not to associate ourselves with flakes, and inadequate players. We expect our raiders to always be full enchanted, gemmed, and glyphs, as well as showing up to raids with Flask, Food, and Potions. In conclusion, we expect the players joining to be making a long term commitment.

How loot works.

Believe it or not loot hasn't been decided for MoP yet. We are going to let the raid members decide what kind of loot they want to run. Our philosophy is we don't want someone to be raiding under a loot method they don't want.

What we require in YOU!

-Have Ventrilo installed.
-Prior un-nerfed hardmode experience.
-Reliability is key, you must be able to make 95% of raids.
-Your computer can't be an issue.
-We do get a little out of hand with language on vent you must be able to handle mature language.

Raid Times:

Group 1 raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7-10pm pacific time.
Group 2 raids Monday, Wednesday, Sunday 6-9pm pacific
Rated Battleground times are still TBA (Times will be based on everyone's schedule.)

What we need!

Group 1 seeks a healing priest with off spec shadow. You must be able to adequately play both specs and keep track of both sets of gear.
Group 2 needs a Rogue (Any spec), person rerolling healing monk in MoP and will be able to level up fast.
Exception PvE applications will also be accepted.
rBG's and Arenas are recruiting all 2k + players.

How you become a part of Strictly Business!

For PvP you can find an officer in-game and access yourself to an invite if you have a 2k + achievement. For PvE players interested you must throw up an application to our guild website, Sbr.enjin.com. Click Recruitment and fill out the blanks.

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