Macbook retina Major Flicker issue

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Depending on the resolution or display settings i get major flickering and fragmentations on the screen.. random lines going in may directions.
this is without using any addons.

please advise.
This is a known issue for the Retina Mac. We've escalated this to Apple/NVIDIA for assistance on this matter.
good, thank you.
any work around for now? lower resolution? use Good settings instead of ultra?
There doesn't appear to be any at this time officially. I'll dig deeper into this, but likely there may not be, as this is something that Apple/NVIDIA has to assist in :(
Hey Stabbingeden,
I'm having this problem too. I notice that after a little bit of playing it goes away. Sometimes it seems like it's exclusively linked to my opening my character pane or pet/mount menu since those have 3d models I wonder if that's not part of it. I did reduce my particle effects and that seems to help at times. They're at medium and everything else is ultra.

Sometimes it seems to happen a huge amount right at the beginning and then after a minute goes away and the rest of the time I play (usually a couple hours) it's fine. I would imagine it's the way the rendering it occurring and it's probably going to be a driver update which apple will push out but who knows.
I wanted to add that this seems to be happening with the Macbook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012) as well (non-Retina Macbook Pro).

I just started getting this today. No updates were installed and I've already reinstalled WoW completely.

Mac OS X 10.8.1
2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB
It happens on my new 15" MBP retina too. goes away shortly after logging in.
This seems to only happen when certain UI windows are open. I've updated our known issues list to include this bug:

This seems to happen on Macs with NVIDIA 650M graphics card.
I'm getting this issue every once in a while without any UI windows being open. It appears when I mouse look at suddenly there are lines and lights streaking all over the place and a flicker in certain UI elements. I can make the problem go away by mouselooking in another direction.

Would dropping the graphics settings in wow alleviate the flickering until a fix comes in?
have yuo updated to 10.8.2 yet? because that will probably fix it
Mac Tech Support MVP,
WoW Addon Author -
Omegal is correct, this should resolve the flicking issue in 10.8.2.

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