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On my Druid Scribe toon, going to Profession -> Inscription in Armory shows what seems to be a very incomplete list under Not Yet Learned (Learned shows 89 results and Not Yet Learned 156).

I did not learn all that I could from the trainers, leaving some glyphs for other classes unlearned, but still the Not Yet Learned tab shows only Druid glyphs available for my profession skill (173)

As an example, Glyph of Blinding Light is neither in Learned nor in Not Yet Learned tabs.

This must be a bug right?

Thank you.
Ok, before creating this thread I did a search on forums and found no reference to this issue.

But since there's been no response I looked a bit more and apparently it was a bad day because now I'm finding several references to this issue going back to as far as Nov 2011! None of them ever answered officially :(

These are the references I found:

profession tab of characters are not working - Nov 2011

Professions tab is not showing all the spells - Dec 2011

Profes.not showing unlearned recipes properly - Feb 2012

Incorrect "not yet learned" tab of profession - May 2012

Inscription not yet learned bug - Aug 2012

They most of the times mention seeing the glyphs for their own class but not for the others, so it seem to be the exact same issue.

I would just like to know if it is a known bug that will be fixed or not eventually.

Thank you.
Still broken. I just started doing the research on this character 2-3 weeks ago and still have many glyphs to learn. The information on the Learned tab appears to be correct, but the Not Yet Learned tab appears to show only glyphs for my class. This is true for both of my scribes. The Monk's armory shows only Monk glyphs which he has not yet been learned to create, and the Death Knight's armory shows only Death Knight glyphs which he has not yet learned to create.
I am seeing the same thing... I don't know Glyph of Mind Spike yet for example, and it doesn't show up under Learned (expected) but also does't show up under Not Yet Learned (the bug)

As in your case, the only Glyphs showing under Not Yet Learned are druid glyphs...

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