Prot Warriors Stat Priority as of 5.0.5

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10/06/2012 12:51 PMPosted by Bryjoeredd
Seems to me like no one really has a definitive answer to the actual "correct stat priority" right now. Some places say stacking parry>dodge>Mastery is ideal, some say reaching the hit/exp cap is ideal. Others say Mastery>hit/exp>parry>dodge. This just leads me to believe that in MOP NONE of you really know wtf you're talking about.

well stupid @$$, lets do this. i click revenge, it gets parried, it dodges, gets missed. thats now 3 gcd's i went with no rage gain. i have high avoidance refreshing my revenge. lets try again to connect. damn, it doesnt land boss though is beating my face in. i have eaten in this time 4 unmitigated hits to my dome piece and my healer has popped a cd. omg i get a block but it doesnt crit block due to low pathetic leveles of mastery available atm. i wish i had rage. im so starved. and now im dead.

if you dont land your rage generating abilities you die end of discussion. if you want to continue to post like a moron in this community, go back and get a full clear of norm ds at least....

everyone needs to stop arguing the lazy method as being tops, which is going passive. no ctc cap means we will eat normal hits without active mitigation which takes us being proactive and getting rage. the fact people are failing to understand this leads me to believe the more bliz dumbs down this game, the dumber people playing it will get

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