[BUG] Lifebloom w/Glyphed Transfer

Bug Report
I have run several tests regarding this bug that I found and every test on live has come up with the same results.

Running a stack of 3 lifeblooms on a tank and then transferring the full stack (via the Lifebloom Glyph) to another target results in a 10 second stack on the new target, regardless of the duration of the lifebloom on the original target (except when less than 2 seconds). Lifebloom is supposed to be 15 seconds now. Transferring the stack with greater than 2 seconds left in original duration should be equivalent to casting a new Lifebloom, giving the new stack a full 15 second duration.

Please investigate this bug, or let us know if this is working as intended.
Thank you.
I noticed the same thing.
I have noticed this too, and was also wondering if it's a bug or working as intended?
Same thing here. Please fix!~
Back to the front page. Hoping a blue will see it.
Still having this bug Blizzard.
I also was noticing in PVP that lifeblooms that were being stacked by transfer were purged off in one attempt while only proccing the bloom equivalent to one stack.
I did ds heroic this weekend. All I noticed that I'd cast 3 stacks of LB on MT then cast 1 LB on OT and then would cast WG on tank group and LB would drop.

When I redid it, the LB was dropping from first target by the time I'd cast in on 2nd target. So pretty much all I had to do was spam LB on both tanks and couldn't heal the raid.

The idea with mushrooms casting to aoe heal is plain stupid. Hate new talents and how everything works!
I noticed that as well but didn't think much of it. I figured maybe I had 10 secs left on the lifebloom and maybe it moved it from one target to another with the remaining time left.

I guess it's either a bug or something.
Back to the front page.
Back to the front page. Still not fixed.
This bug has been fixed as of the server restart today.
Thank you.

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