That Rabbit's Dynamite!

Has anyone done this acheivment on this server - That Rabbit's Dynamite!

Me and some friends just did it it took an hour or so and was wondering if any one else on this server has done it?
Haven't seen him respawn yet - what time did you guys get him?

& Grats btw XD
how do you do it? and where is he located?
Cave on DMF Island, at this current time, its recommended to use a 40man raid, and have them all stand at the back of cave to lower the chance of being feared right out and the rabbit being reset and evading.
Was raiding other servers rabbits all day, cross realm zones are terrible in some regards.
Just downed him then a friend is looking to sell the pet also.
Yes, I was in a raid group that was the first on this realm to do it. We did it the same day the patch was released. Took 4 tries as horde keep on resetting it, we ended up having 10-15people PvP the horde out so it wouldn't reset, good times.

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