[H] <Clan Redundancy Clan> 10m LFM!

***Now Recruiting***

I'm currently accepting applications at our website. If you're a tank, healer, or DPS that has some experience with not standing standing in fire and killing Heroic Raid bosses, check us out! Specifically we're now looking for:

- Druid (Restoration)
- Priest (Any spec)
- Mage (Any spec)

We're never just specifically looking for certain roles though...if you're a great player that's looking for a new guild or group of friends to kill internet dragons with, please apply!


Coming back to MoP? Trying to find a new group of people to hang out with? Want Guild Level 25 perks while you level a monk or decide if you want to raid again? We're also opening up the guild to social members at this time.

About Us:
Generally speaking, we’re a group of students and working professionals, ages 18 - 35, that choose to progress though the more difficult heroic content (as opposed to just farming the easy stuff), but have only a limited number of hours per week available to raid. If you have been on Turalyon for a while, you’ve probably seen us before. The majority of us are founding members of [A] <Clan Redundancy Clan> and [H] <Pen Island Tarp Company>, [H] <Explicit Content> which were relatively small guilds that liked to have a good time, while clearing though content at a steady pace. This guild is no different!

Currently we're raiding one night a week (Tuesday), but with MoP coming soon. We're expanding that to two nights per week (Tuesday & Thursday) when new content becomes available.

What we’re looking for in an applicant:
- The normal disclaimer: Must be able to take some constructive criticism and direction when warranted or needed. If you're easily offended, flustered, overly defensive, obtusely negative, or excessively stubborn this guild might not be for you.
- Mature, dedicated, and competent players that dependably come prepared to play their class at the best of its ability and are capable of independently learning about upcoming boss encounters. Raid time is precious, so we prefer to do our homework ahead of time.
- Heroic Modes are Hard(er)! It may take an evening of wiping in order to learn encounters...so patience and a keen eye are a plus. The frustration boss causes unproductive attempts, and is easily thwarted by keeping a cool head.
- Other than that when it comes to things non-play related, just a good sense of humor.

General Guild Information:

Current Guild Progression as of 10/31/12
Normal: Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6
Guild Level: 25

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Thursday 7:30pm - 11:00pm

Server Time: EST
Raid Size: 10 player
Number of Raid Groups: 1
Age Range of Guild: 18-35
Atmosphere: Adult
Loot System: Loot Council-ish

Guild Website: crc.guildlaunch.com

I didn't want to clutter our recruitment thread too much with superfluous information. If you have any additional questions about us, would like more information, or just want to see what we’re up to, please check out our guild website for more information. There’s actually quite a bit more information about us and how we do things available there.

Want even more information? Contact Stormageddon through in game mail. I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as I can! For a live in game contact, you can also talk to Stormageddon, Squig, Chockal, or Ryulin in-game via tell. (As a courtesy though, please avoid sending tells during raid times which are listed above).
Updated what we are looking for the most right now.


Also, we're without a raiding warlock.

Still looking for members of any and all classes and specs though. We're a flexible bunch, and can adapt to whatever we have in our group.
Now we're looking for a couple of good DPS.

Check us out!
Good luck in MoP, good luck!

I've recently come back to the game to the game to check out the new talents and to find a permanent guild for MOP. I've been raiding since BC and came to this server for Cata. I've had trouble finding guilds that did not fall appart during Cata (mostly due to poor attendance) and, as a result, raided off and on during the expansion.

I'm hoping to change that for MOP and find a stable, friendly guild that challenges themselves by taking on heroic content. Your raid dates and times fit my schedule perfectly and was wondering if you would be interested in adding me to your guild.
Thanks Darkdieo!
Sounds great Havocc! We're in it for the long haul.

Here's a quick link to our guild application:

No, no. The second "clan" is the one that's more redundant is the second "clan".
If you like Gregorian Chants, you'll love our BWD raids
...and if you don't. Well, you'll still love them.

(updated recruiting information also)
Still recruiting all roles, but we have a definite need for (at least) 1 more DPS. Post updated up at the top.



for some really good ppl.
Updated what we're looking for again!

Looking to balance out our group a little better with some more cloth casters.

Looking for a Shadow Priest, and Mage of any variety!
You want us to fill out an application? Really?
A part of me hoped that this was a troll post, but all in all, it is a good question. People may be uninformed as to why people ask for applications or other such things when applying to guilds.

Most guilds require applications for 2 reasons.

1.) It allows the leaders of a guild to convey information to the applicant in such a way that the person doing the recruiting doesn't have to do it manually EVERY TIME you find someone interested. Examples like: to make sure the applicant understands what's to be expected of them, how the recruiting process goes, how loot works, etc... The people doing the recruiting value their time as much as the people filling out the application should, and this cuts down on waste.

2.) If the applicant wants to raid with a group, they need to demonstrate some command of the English language, and be able to spend 5-10 minutes filling out an application. If a person is unwilling or unable to do that. They probably can't, or won't bother coming to a raid prepared, having looked at the fights, or have seen any strategies. Which in turn just wastes the raids time while we bring a person up to speed.

Applications serve as a bit of a filter for the raid leader to make sure they don't get applicants that are just ... awful in the raid. We only have so many raiding hours in a week. We prefer (as well as most guilds that have an application) that we don't waste what little time we all have together test driving out terrible players that we just spam invite.

So I counter back...you don't want to fill out an application? Really?

If not, that's perfectly fine. You may not be for us. Other guilds are recruiting, as I'm sure you've seen, that may not require anything to get into them. However, raid groups that take the time to screen their applicant's usually do better as a whole. We at CRC always want to aim higher, while working with the limited time we have to play. That's why you see a large majority higher ranked of guilds asking for applications, DPS logs, referrals from other current members. They're just all screening processes designed to find reliable players to join a consistent raid group, not just warm bodies to fill a spot.

Facebook and twitter links, a real* birth certificate, a list of vaccinations and the results of your most recent HIV and tuberculosis screenings will also give you a leg up on the competition.
...and also being a Resto Druid, Priest or Mage!

(Updated what we're looking for)
We still need people

Especially if you're a mage or a druid, but especially if you can do things well.
Still looking for a mage or dps druid

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